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Inventory of NARA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to drive the growth of the United States economy and improve the quality of life of all Americans. Executive Order (EO) 13960, Promoting the Use of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Federal Government, directed federal agencies to inventory their Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases and share their inventories with other government agencies and the public. As stated in the Executive Order, federal applications of Artificial Intelligence should benefit the US economy and improve the quality of life of all Americans. As such, the growing adoption of AI must coincide with the launch of practices that ensure AI is deployed in a manner that fosters public trust and protects the rights and values of the American people.


In alignment with Executive Order (13960) of December 8, 2020, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has prepared an inventory of AI use cases including current and planned uses, consistent with the agency's mission. The link below summarizes those AI use cases.


NARA AI Inventory (updated September 2023)


Any questions regarding the AI inventory can be directed to NARA Responsible AI Officials (RAIO)