Washington, DC Area

Self-Service Copying in the Washington, DC, Area Locations

Pilot Project starting June 6, 2011: Blue Paper to be used for self-service copies at NARA in the Washington, DC Area
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Equipment Provided by the National Archives

Before copying records in any research room, researchers must show a staff member the original material they want to copy.

There are sometimes restrictions that prevent records from being copied. The most common are preservation priorities, copyright, and donor restrictions. Learn more


Please see the fee schedule for current fees.

Electrostatic copiers (paper original to paper copy)

These are the common copy machines that everyone is familiar with.

  • Self-service
  • Located in all research rooms

Overhead electrostatic copiers (bound originals to paper copy)

Bound volumes and items larger than the glass paten on the regular electrostatic copiers can only be copied on the overhead copier.

Microfilm printers (microfilm original to paper copy)

  • Self-service
  • Located in microfilm reading rooms

Color electrostatic copier (color paper copy)

  • Self-service
  • Located in the Still Picture Research Room in College Park

Electrostatic copier for oversized documents (paper copy)

  • Staff use only, but researchers may arrange same-day cash-and-carry copying for a limited number of items
  • Located in the Cartographic and Architectural Research Room in College Park

Audiovisual dubbing stations

  • Self-service
  • Located in the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Research Room in College Park
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Equipment Researchers Are Allowed to Bring

Researchers may use their own personal computers (laptops, notebooks, etc.), typewriters, tape recorders, tape decks, cameras (we provide copy stands for small format cameras only), and other audiovisual equipment in research rooms.

Flat-bed scanners without automatic document feeders are allowed, but require approval before they can be used. Learn more

Please note that cases, bags, boxes, and similar items must remain in lockers. These items cannot be brought into the research room.