NARA and Declassification

Agenda Monday, April 27, 2009

Public Interest Declassification Board

I. PIDB members meet at Archives I
Meet in Archives I lobby
II. Van departs Archives I   8:15-9:00
III. Arrive at Archives II   9:00-9:15
IV. Overview of Declassification Activity at NARA
Room 6350

Jeanne Schauble (lead) and Madeline Proctor
  • What does NARA do when it receives classified records to get them on the public shelves?
  • What constitutes archival processing? 
  • What constitutes declassification review?
  • What constitutes the Kyl-Lott Review?
  • Is there an acceptable level of risk?
  • What lessons has NARA learned? (e. g. professional declassification training)
V. Examination of Classified Records
Room 6350

Neil Carmichael (lead) and Kris Johnson
  • Examples of Exemptions
  • Examples of Referrals
VI. Break

VII. Walking the Work Flow
Stacks - 6th Floor
Stacks - 4th Floor
Inter-Agency Referral Center (IRC)
Room 3700

Neil Carmichael (lead), A.J. Daverede, and Meredith Wagner
  • Archival processing and declassification review process
  • Unprocessed records classified stack
    • RG 342 (Stack 490) Kyl-Lott WWII Records
    • RG 306 (Stack 490)
  • Withdrawn items vault
  • IRC Work Area (Room 3700)
VIII. NARA Reviewer Panel
Room 6350

NW Archivists: Joe Gillette, Ken Johnson, and Meredith Wagner
NL Archivist: - Maura Porter (Kennedy-RAC)
  • Discussion with front line reviewers about the review processes and the daily challenges and issues of reviewing records
  • NARA processing and review role in Remote Archives Capture (RAC) projects 
  • Discussion will be informal
IX. Lunch
A2 Cafeteria - on your own
-Group will meet outside the Orientation Room 1000
X. NW Reference Briefing and Tour of Research Rooms
Textual Research Room 2000
Cartographic Research Room 3050
Library (CREST) Room 3000

Jim Hastings (lead), Steve Tilley, and Tim Nenninger
  • Overview of research rooms
  • Researcher data and statistics 
  • What records are of high interest to researchers and for what purposes?
    (e.g. Deck Logs)
  • What records are researchers interested in, but can't access?
    (unprocessed, awaiting Kyl-Lott, additional declassification reviews, not yet accessioned, etc.)

XI. Electronic Records Overview
Room 6350
Alternate Conference Room 5320

Margaret Adams (lead), Ted Hull, and John Powell

  • Scheduling, Accessioning and Conceptualization
    • Timing of accessioning
    • Hardware/Software Issues
  • Archival Processing
    • Where can and where does declassification take place? How does that impact preparing electronic records for public access?
    • Are there quality issues that NARA and agencies need to address? How does that process work?
    • Care and Preservation
  • Reference
    • Discussion of AAD
    • State Department cables
    • What are researchers interested in?
    • User feedback
XII. break   2:40-2:50

XIII. Q & A and Discussion with Archives Staff
Room 6350

NW and NL Representatives: Steve Tilley, Tim Nenninger, Nancy Smith, and Ken Thibodeau

  • FOIA/Special Access
  • Reference
  • Archival Processing
  • IRC
  • Presidential Records/RAC
  • ERA

XIV. Welcome and presentation by the Assistant Archivist for Record Services -Washington, DC and the Assistant Archivist for Presidential Libraries
Room 6350

Michael Kurtz and Sharon Fawcett

  • NARA Prioritization
XV. PIDB Discussion
Room 6350
XVI. Van departs Archives II   5:15
XVII. Van arrives Archives I