Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

ERA Annual Move Defined


The Annual Move is NARA’s process for transferring legal and physical custody of permanent records from agencies stored at the Federal Records Centers (FRCs) to NARA archival custodial units across the nation. The Annual Move is a uniquely cross-functional activity that supports NARA’s core mission of preserving the permanently valuable records of the Federal government. The Annual Move is overseen by the Annual Move Coordinating Group.

To facilitate the accessioning of permanent records, NARA provides agencies with pre-populated Transfer Requests (TRs) in the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) for all permanent records stored in FRCs. NARA creates these TRs on an annual basis, since the overwhelming majority of such records become eligible on January 1 of the disposition year (that is, the year in which the records are eligible to be accessioned into the National Archives).