Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

ERA Annual Move Timeline

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Annual Move Timeline

  • May 1st (year prior) - Agencies are sent spreadsheets for review of candidate transfer that will become eligible for accessioning by NARA
  • June 30th (year prior) - Agencies should send all data changes and updates to the candidate list by June 30
  • July 15th (year prior) - The list of candidates to be loaded into ERA is finalized
  • October 1st (year prior) - All eligible transfers are loaded into ERA.  Each transfer data set is converted into a Transfer Request (TR) in ERA in “draft” status.  This action is completed on behalf of the agency with data from ARCIS but all TRs should be reviewed before taking further action.  Agency transfer approving officials should “submit” TRs changing the status from “submitted for agency approval” to “proposed”
  • December 1st (year prior) - Agencies have until December 1st to “submit” eligible transfers in ERA. Completing this action by December 1st ensures the transfer will remain on the scheduled timeline so that the records will be transferred in the year it was eligible
  • January 15th (year eligible) - Once agencies submit TRs to NARA custodial units, an approval decision should be made by January 15th 
  • January 15th - March 31st (year eligible) - TRs that have been approved by NARA will be physically moved from the records center to archival space 
  • June - September (year eligible) - for some NARA units based on availability of resources an additional period of transfer is offered for TRs that were not submitted by December 1st