Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Agency’s Guide to Candidate Lists

In early May each agency storing records in an FRC with permanent records eligible for transfer on January 1st of the following calendar year receives a comprehensive spreadsheet called “Candidate Lists”.  These lists contain pertinent transfer data extracted from ARCIS.  They are created early in the annual move process so that agencies can begin the initial review processes, ensure accuracy of information, and permanent records can be transferred on time. 

Please conduct a thorough review of your agency's candidate lists. If you find any inaccurate information please send an email to annual.move@nara.gov and a NARA representative will work with you to resolve any issues and make updates to the data.  In addition we ask that you:

  • Distribute the list to program offices that are responsible for the eligible records and have the office confirm their eligibility for transfer 
  • Compare each FRC Transfer on the list to the original SF-135 (Transfer Documentation) and the Box List to ensure that all three documents have the same information (Subject/Disposition)
  • Check that your agency does not have any of the boxes eligible for transfer to NARA within your possession.  All boxes should be returned to the FRC
  • Ensure the disposition authority is still current (for example if the FRC Transfer has a disposition authority from 1979, but your agency updated the schedule in 2011).  Please note the change
  • Check to see if the transfer includes permanent and temporary records in the same box, if so, the agency needs to separate the material
  • If the records are classified, check to see that they have gone through your agency’s internal declassification review.  Prepare the form NA-14130 so that it can later be attached to the Transfer Request in ERA
  • If your agency needs to keep the records in an FRC longer than the retention period, you need to submit a formal justification pursuant to 36 CFR 1235.14
  • Communicate needed ARCIS updates if necessary