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Executive Orders

Executive Order 11825--Revocation of Executive orders pertaining to the regulation of the acquisition of, holding of, or other transactions in gold

Source: The provisions of Executive Order 11825 of Dec. 31, 1974, appear at 40 FR 1003, 3 CFR, 1971-1975 Comp., p. 929, unless otherwise noted.

By virtue of the authority vested in me by section 1 of the Act of August 8, 1950, 64 Stat. 419, and section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended (12 U.S.C. 95a), and as President of the United States, and in view of the provisions of section 3 of Public Law 93-110, 87 Stat. 352, as amended by section 2 of Public Law 93-373, 88 Stat. 445, it is ordered as follows:

Section 1. Executive Order No. 6260 of August 28, 1933, as amended by Executive Order No. 6359 of October 25, 1933, Executive Order No. 6556 of January 12, 1934, Executive Order No. 6560 of January 15, 1934, Executive Order No. 10896 of November 29, 1960, Executive Order No. 10905 of January 14, 1961, and Executive Order No. 11037 of July 20, 1962; the fifth and sixth paragraphs of Executive Order No. 6073, March 10, 1933; sections 3 and 4 of Executive Order No. 6359 of October 25, 1933; and paragraph 2(d) of Executive Order No. 10289 of September 17, 1951, are hereby revoked.

Sec. 2. The revocation, in whole or in part, of such prior Executive orders relating to regulation on the acquisition of, holding of, or other transactions in gold shall not affect any act completed, or any right accruing or accrued, or any suit or proceeding finished or started in any civil or criminal cause prior to the revocation, but all such liabilities, penalties, and forfeitures under the Executive orders shall continue and may be enforced in the same manner as if the revocation had not been made.

This order shall become effective on December 31, 1974.