Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

About the Federal Register Indexes

  • Annual Indexes include entries, with Federal Register page numbers, for all documents published in a calendar year

  • The current Cumulative Index includes entries for all documents published this year, through the end of last month. We post a new cumulative index by the middle of each month.

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How do I use these indexes to find a document?

  • Daily Tables of Contents
    • Click on the Issue you are looking for in FDsys and choose Table of Contents. When you find the entry for the document you want, click the associated link to retrieve it as a text file or Adobe PDF file.

  • Cumulative and Annual Indexes
    • Cumulative and Annual Indexes do not provide links, but they do give Federal Register page numbers for each document. You can use a document's page number to retrieve it from FDsys online.

  • When you know a document's page number
    1. Go to FDsys' Retrieve by Citation Page, and search by Federal Register Volume and Page Number.
    2. From the "Collections," menu, select Federal Register.
    3. Select the appropriate Volume Number from the menu.
    4. Enter the page number you are interested in.

How are Federal Register indexes arranged?

  • Entries are arranged first by the agency that issued the document. For example, to find a document from Department of Agriculture about wheat, look under "A" for Agriculture Department rather then "W" for wheat.

  • Within each agency, the documents are grouped by category. Entries for Rules documents are first, followed by Proposed Rules, then Notices. Entries in each category appear in alphabetical order.