Donated Collection Explorer

Collection NameNumber of Textual Scans in the CatalogEstimated Total Textual PagesPercent Online
Epoch Records Sound Collection (ÉPOCH)000.000%
American Antiquarian Society Collection (AAS)000.000%
A. A. Schechter Associates Collection (AASA)000.000%
Records of the Allied Architects of Washington Dc Inc. (AAW)000.000%
American Broadcasting Company Collection (ABC)000.000%
George B. Abdill Collection (ABDIL)000.000%
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Collection (AC)000.000%
Dr. Arthur Corwin Leslie Collection (ACL)05100.000%
Abdon Daoud Ackad Photographic Collection Relating Mainly to the U.S. Supreme Court (ADA)000.000%
L. F. Adams Collection (ADAMS)000.000%
Records of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor (ADBC)000.000%
American Enterprise Institute Collection (AEI)000.000%
American Federation of the Bling Sound Collection (AFB)000.000%
American Federation of Government Employees Collection (AFGE)000.000%
American Film Institute Collection (AFI)000.000%
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Collection (AFIP)000.000%
Avery Fisher Johnson Collection (AFJ)000.000%
American Historic and Cultural Society, Inc., Collection (AHCS)000.000%
American Heritage Foundation Collection (AHF)000.000%
Records of the American Heritage Foundation (AHF)0414,3780.000%
American Institute of Radiology Film Collection (AIR)000.000%
Annie Leibovitz Collection (ALEIB)000.000%
Allied Record Manufacturing Company Sound Collection (ALLIED)000.000%
Automobile Manufacturers Association Collection (AMA)000.000%
Rosemary Ames Collection (AMES)000.000%
University of South Dakota Institute of American Indian Studies Collection (AMIND)000.000%
Sue L. Thompson Collection (AMITY)06300.000%
American Legion Collection of Sound Recordings (AMLEGION)000.000%
American Picture Service Collection (AMPS)000.000%
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center Collection (AMRC)06,3000.000%
George A. Carroll Slide Collection Relating to the Airship U.S.S Macon (1933-34) (AMS)000.000%
American University Sound Collection (AMU)000.000%
Jane Angelo Collection (ANGEL)000.000%
Records of the American National Red Cross (ANRC)88,83112,720,8130.698%
ANSCO Collection (ANSCO)000.000%
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Photographic Collection Relating to the Alaska Oil Pipeline (APS)000.000%
William C. Lang Photographic Collection Relating to the American Relief Administration's Famine Relief Mission to Russia (ARA)000.000%
Thomas Armat Collection (ARMAT)000.000%
Robert L. Arnberg Collection (ARNBG)000.000%
Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency Collection (ARRA)000.000%
American Social Hygiene Association Collection (ASHA)000.000%
Association Films, Inc., Collection (ASNFL)000.000%
American Telephone and Telegraph Company Audio Collection (ATT)000.000%
Australian Broadcasting Commission Collection (AUSBC)000.000%
Johnston Avery Papers (AVERY)024,5700.000%
Alben W. Barkley Collection (BARK)000.000%
Erik Barnouw Sound Collection (BARN)000.000%
Mrs. Will Croft Barnes Collection (BARNS)06300.000%
Isaac Bassett Collection (BASSE)000.000%
Harry Baudu Collection (BAUDU)000.000%
John H. Bauman Collection (BAUMN)000.000%
John H. Bauman Collection (BAUMN)000.000%
A. Ruth Baun Sayer Collection (BAUN)01,0200.000%
British Broadcasting Corporation Collection (BBC)000.000%
Bergen Community College Collection (BCC)000.000%
S.J. Beauchamp, Jr. Collection (BEAU)000.000%
Joan and George D. Beitzel Collection (BEITZ)000.000%
Marvin R. Bensman Collection of Sound Recordings (BENSMAN)000.000%
Max Berking Collection (BERK)000.000%
Bell and Howell Company Collection (BHC)000.000%
Buffalo History Museum Collection (BHM)000.000%
Bangor Historical Society Collection (BHS)000.000%
Robert Bialek Sound Recordings (BIALEK)000.000%
Michael Biel Collection (BIEL)000.000%
Arthur M. Birch Collection (BIRCH)000.000%
British Library of Information Collection (BLI)000.000%
Barbara Bemis Bloch Collection (BLOCH)000.000%
John M. Blow Collection (BLOW)08050.000%
Leo G. Bellarts Papers (BLRTS)41,5280.262%
Robert H. Blumling Collection (BLUML)000.000%
Michael P. Balzano Collection (BLZ)026,4600.000%
Boston Athenaeum Library Collection (BOSTN)01,2600.000%
John B. Brady Papers (BRADY)098,1100.000%
John G. Bradley Papers (BRDLY)05,3400.000%
Marvin Breckinridge Collection (BRECK)000.000%
Mrs. Remsen Brinckerhoff Collection (BRINC)000.000%
Joseph Little Bristow Collection (BRIST)000.000%
Robert R. Brookhart Papers (BRK)03,7800.000%
Brig. Gen. William Carey Brown Collection (BROWN)000.000%
Louise Byrd Collection (BRYD)06300.000%
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., Collection (BTL)000.000%
Records of the National Committee for the Bicentennial of the Treaty of Paris (BTP)08,1300.000%
Burridge D. Butler Audio Collection (BUTLER)000.000%
Jane Butler Collection (BUTLR)000.000%
Robert C. Butow Collection (BUTOW)000.000%
S. Mcclellan Butt Papers (BUTT)03,3000.000%
Barbara Dieter Film Collection (BWD)000.000%
Admiral Richard E. Byrd Collection (BYRD)000.000%
Cadre Films Collection (CADRE)000.000%
Harriet B. Cady Collection (CADY)03,1250.000%
Renah F. Camalier Collection (CAMAL)000.000%
William J. Campbell Papers (CAMPBELLWJ)0289,6200.000%
Paul Scheips Papers (CANAL)05,3280.000%
Brigadier General Robert C. Candee Papers (CANDE)000.000%
Arthur Capper Sound Collection (CAP)000.000%
Bill Carnahan Collection (CARNA)000.000%
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., Collection (CBS)000.000%
Executive Committee of the Centennial Celebration of the American Patent System Sound Collection (CCAPS)000.000%
Chester County Historical Society Collection (CCHS)06300.000%
Records of the Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin - Madison (CDE)000.000%
Corporation for Entertainment and Learning, Inc., Collection (CEL)000.000%
Charles E. Peterson Audio Collection (CEPA)000.000%
Clifford Evans Audio Collection (CEVANS)000.000%
Records of the Community and Family Study Center, University of Chicago (CFS)000.000%
Castle Garden Immigration Center Collection (CGIC)000.000%
Edwin P. Chalcraft Papers (CHA)1822,5900.080%
Franklin T. Chace Sound Collection (CHACE)000.000%
Laura Chamberlain Collection (CHAMB)00
Mae Jean Chandler Collection (CHAND)000.000%
Helen L. Chatfield Papers Collection (CHAT)0224,6350.000%
Alfred Chaudet Collection (CHAUD)000.000%
D. W. Cheesman Papers (CHE)01,9780.000%
Celia Handley Collection of Okinawa Photographs (CHO)000.000%
William Vandel Photographic Collection Relating to Counter Intelligence Corps Activities in U.S.-Occupied Japan (CIC)000.000%
Samuel Cicchino Collection (CICCH)000.000%
Records of the Center for Immigration Research (CIR)000.000%
Records of the National Conference on Citizenship (CIT)0160,1400.000%
Civic Films, Inc., Collection (CIVIC)000.000%
Thomas B. Claget Sound Collection (CLAGET)000.000%
Earle Clapp Collection (CLAPP)023,6850.000%
Santa Clara County, California Veterans Services Office Collection (CLARA)06300.000%
Mrs. Edward T. Clark Collection (CLARK)000.000%
General Lucius D. Clay Papers (CLAY)020,1600.000%
Major Paul Clendenin Papers (CLEN)04,8240.000%
Ewan Clague Papers (CLGUE)076,9200.000%
Edward G. Campbell Papers (CMPBL)01,0200.000%
Clyde M. Smith Collection (CMS)05,5580.000%
Christene Coan Collection (COAN)000.000%
A. H. Cobb, Jr., Collection (COBB)000.000%
Richard Coffelt, Richard Arnold, and David Argabright Collection (COFF)000.000%
Richard Cohn Collection of Sound Recordings (COHN)000.000%
Columbia Pictures Corporation Collection (COL)000.000%
Brig. Gen. James Lawton Collins, Jr., Papers (COLNS)07,5600.000%
University of Colorado Medical School Collection (COLO)000.000%
Colorado State Archives Collection (COLSA)000.000%
James Cortada Collection (CORT)000.000%
Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection (CRCCR)000.000%
Brig. Gen. John Kay Christmas Papers (CRSMS)031,5000.000%
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN) Collection (CSPAN)000.000%
Ben Cutcliffe Collection (CTCLF)03,1250.000%
Connecticut State Library Collection (CTLIB)01,0050.000%
Naturalization Records of Non-Federal Courts in Connecticut (CTN)129,423768,85316.833%
Records of the Center for Urban Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania (CUE)000.000%
David Culbert Sound Recording Collection (CULB)000.000%
James W. Cummings Collection (CUMM)000.000%
Mrs. Theodore W. Curtis Collection (CURT)000.000%
John A. Danaher Sound Collection (DANA)000.000%
Deter J. Danielak Collection (DANLK)000.000%
Col. Wilbur E. Davis Collection (DAVIS)000.000%
Brig. Gen. David L. Brainard Papers (DBL)000.000%
Microfilm Copy of Dwight D. Eisenhower Family Photograph Collection (DDE)000.000%
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Collection (DDEL)000.000%
John H. Delantoni Film Collection (DEL)000.000%
Voorhis D. Demarest Collection (DEMAR)000.000%
Lawrence F. Deutzman Collection (DEUTZ)000.000%
General John L. Dewitt Collection (DEWIT)05,9500.000%
David Hunter Miller Collection (DHM)00
Lee Dick, Inc., Collection (DICK)000.000%
David Langbart Collection (DLAN)000.000%
Papers of Brig. Gen. David L. Brainard (DLB)06,6450.000%
Robert Edsel Film Collection (DM-EDSEL)000.000%
John Tutuska Film Collection (DM-TUTUS)000.000%
Raab Audio Collection (DMJFKN)000.000%
Jay Diamond Sound Recording Collection (DMND)000.000%
A.J. De Mooy Collection (DMOOY)000.000%
David M. Rubenstein Magna Carta Collection (DMRMC)40<0.001%
Dana Linett Collection (DNLN)16300.159%
Maurice H. Donahue Papers (DONAHUEMH)0187,6800.000%
Department of State Passport Office Collection (DOSPP)06300.000%
Richard Douglas Collection (DOUGL)000.000%
Dominican Republic Settlement Association, Inc., Collection (DRSA)000.000%
Amie Dryer Collection (DRYER)000.000%
Brig. Gen. Garrison H. Davidson Papers (DVDSN)02,5200.000%
Dabney Waller Collection (DWAL)000.000%
E. Arthur Patterson Collection (EAP)044,1000.000%
William H. Easton Photographic Collection Relating to Stonecarver Harry T. Easton (EAS)000.000%
Sherrod East Papers (EAST)014,2800.000%
Erik Barnouw Audio Collection (EBARN)000.000%
Educational Services Sound Collection (EDSERV)000.000%
Collection of Photographs of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Funeral (EF)000.000%
Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger Papers (EICHL)01,2600.000%
Jonathan Eig Papers (EIGJ)000.000%
Harriet Elliott Sound Collection (ELLIOTT)000.000%
Ione G. Lemmon Papers (ELLIS)06300.000%
Ernst Loewy Audio Collection (ELOEW)000.000%
Henry William Ellsworth Papers (ELSW)03930.000%
Emerson Fraser Sound Collection (EPSC)000.000%
Edward Sanborn Smith Collection (ESS)09,8680.000%
Bayard Evans Collection (EVANS)000.000%
Alice Eversman Collection (EVERS)08050.000%
Evelyn Wills Collection (EWILS)06300.000%
Nora Fanley Collection (FANLY)000.000%
H.L. Farrington Collection (FARR)000.000%
Museum for German History Donation of a Photographic Print of a Portrait of Friedrich Ludwig (Louis) Bisky (FB)000.000%
Frank B. Evans Papers (FBE)026,9250.000%
Fred Bell Photographic Collection (FBL)000.000%
Ford Motor Company Collection (FC)000.000%
Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission Collection (FDR)000.000%
National Archives Founding Artifact (FDRPN)000.000%
C.S. Tenley Collection (FFC)000.000%
Marnie Ferguson Briggs Collection (FGBG)000.000%
Meyer H. Fishbein Collection (FISH)000.000%
Major General Harold B. Fiske Papers (FISKE)014,0350.000%
Frank W. Legg Photographic Collection of Portraits of Nineteenth-Century Notables (FL)000.000%
Lucy Flanagan Collection (FLAN)000.000%
Harvey Flax Collection (FLAX)000.000%
Mark Forman Film Collection (FORM)000.000%
Forts, Personalities, and Units Collection (FORTS)000.000%
Fran Oros Stevens Collection (FOS)000.000%
Fran Oros Stevens Collection (FOS)000.000%
Fox Movietone News Collection of Silent Newsreels (FOX)000.000%
Fox Movietone News Collection (FOXMN)000.000%
Noel P. Fox Papers (FOXNP)0101,0500.000%
Records of the Fish Passage Center (FPC)000.000%
Finnish Relief Fund, Inc., Collection (FRF)000.000%
R. T. Fries Collection (FRIES)000.000%
John Harold Farrell Collection (FRLL)000.000%
Betty France Collection (FRNCE)000.000%
Frontier Films Collection (FRNTR)000.000%
Franklin D. Roosevelt Sound Recordings (FROOS)000.000%
Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park Collection (FRSP)000.000%
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Collection (FTRC)000.000%
David Goldin Collection (G)000.000%
Morris L. Ernst and Alan U. Schwartz Papers (GAL)028,9800.000%
Robert Gard, Jr. Collection (GARD)000.000%
Willard Garrett Collection (GARET)000.000%
Ken Gerrish Collection (GERR)000.000%
George Herold Collection (GHE)05100.000%
Governors Island Corporation/Trust for Governors Island (GIC)1960<0.001%
Theodore Nicholas Gill Collection (GILL)000.000%
Raymond W. Gimmler Film Collection (GIMM)000.000%
St. Louis Globe-Democrat Sound Collection (GLOBE)000.000%
Esther C. Goddard Collection (GODD)000.000%
Pauline Goldmark Collection (GOLD)000.000%
Clarence T. Gordon Collection (GORDN)000.000%
Samuel A. Goudsmit Papers (GOUDS)011,1000.000%
Charles Russell Collection (GR)000.000%
Ford Green Collection (GREEN)000.000%
Greene Line Steamers of Cincinnati, Inc. Collection (GRENE)000.000%
Norman J. Greene Collection (GRNE)000.000%
Lieutenant General Leslie Richard Groves, Jr. Personal Papers (GRO)0118,4400.000%
Marion E. Grevemberg Collection (GRVBG)000.000%
Major John J. Gussak Collection (GSK)000.000%
Copies of the Col. Woodrow W. Talbot Collection of German Photographs Relating to the German Invasion of Russia (GT)000.000%
Margaret O'Bid Gulley Collection (GULLEY)02,2800.000%
Margaret O'Bid Gulley Collection (GULLEY)02,2800.000%
Mrs. Paul P. Gushin Collection (GUSHN)000.000%
Chaplain Leslie R. Groves Collection (GVS)06,3000.000%
George W. Orange Collection (GWO)000.000%
Harmon Foundation Collection (H)000.000%
Eunice B. Haden Collection (HADEN)000.000%
Herbert J. Hagerman Collection (HAGER)016,3800.000%
John K. Hagopian Collection (HAGOP)000.000%
Department of the Army, Adjutant General's Office Collection (HAINS)06300.000%
James O. Hall Collection (HALL)000.000%
W. Cliff Haller Collection (HALLE)000.000%
Martin Halperin Audio Collection (HALP)000.000%
Albert W. Hamilton Collection (HAMIL)000.000%
Gregory Hankin Collection (HANKN)01,2600.000%
Harms Collection (HARMS)000.000%
John S. Hastings Papers (HASTINGSJS)090,3000.000%
Harold W. Clover Collection of World War II Photographs (HC)000.000%
Harvard College Library Collection (HCL)000.000%
Ronald E. Heaton Collection (HEATN)000.000%
Mrs. Howard E. Cox Collection (HECOX)06300.000%
Mary Alice Riley Heffner Collection (HEFNR)000.000%
Fleet Admiral and Mrs. August Held Collection (HELD)05100.000%
Hannah Duke Henn and Theodore Leonard Henn Collection (HENN)000.000%
Helen Grondin Patton Collection (HGP)000.000%
John R. Hickman Audio Collection (HICK)000.000%
Papers of Ethan Allen Hitchcock (HITCH)1,256114,6781.095%
Jacob H. Hollander Papers (HLNDR)012,6000.000%
Laurence Halstead, Jr. Collection (HLSTD)000.000%
Hayes Memorial Library Collection (HML)000.000%
Handler-Oppenheimer Collection (HNDL)000.000%
Hiroshima-Nagasaki Publishing Committee Collection (HNPC)000.000%
Mrs. M. Hobbs Collection (HOBBS)01890.000%
Robert Wood Hollis, Jr. Collection (HOLLIS)02500.000%
Oliver W. Holmes Papers (HOLMS)037,8000.000%
Sidney Homer Collection (HOMER)05100.000%
Harold Hough Collection (HOUGH)000.000%
Mrs. Lucien Howe Collection (HOWE)000.000%
US Army, Adjutant General’s Office, Departmental Records Branch Collection (HOWRD)04,3200.000%
Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio Collection (HPSO)000.000%
Major General James G. Harbord Papers (HRBRD)02,5200.000%
William Henry Harrison Collection (HRISN)03,1250.000%
Hearst Metrotone News, Inc., Collection (HRST)000.000%
Howard W. Smith Collection (HSMTH)000.000%
Col. Kevin Hunter, Sr. Collection (HTR)000.000%
Cordell Hull Sound Collection (HULL)000.000%
John J. Hainsworth Collection (HWT)000.000%
Organization of American States Collection of Photographs of Delegates to the First International Conference of American States (IAC)000.000%
International Business Machines Corporation Collection (IBM)000.000%
Records of the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)000.000%
White House Audio Collection (Eisenhower Administration) (IKE)000.000%
Richard J. and Anne W. Weichmann Collection (IND)02,5000.000%
Evelyn Draeger Irish Collection (IRISH)06300.000%
Ralph R. Irwin Collection (IRWIN)000.000%
Isaac Schlossbach Collection (ISB)000.000%
Mrs. John Jackson Collection (JACKS)000.000%
John Angel James Creswell Papers (JAJC)026,8750.000%
John A. Miller Papers (JAM)06300.000%
Frances Jay Collection (JAY)000.000%
Josephine Cobb Collection (JCOOB)000.000%
John E. Davis Collection (JED)000.000%
John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection (JFKCO)14,5484,241,4380.343%
Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Collection (JFKE)000.000%
Western New England College Collection (JFKG)000.000%
Vince Palamara Papers (JFKI)000.000%
Gerald Nathan Taplin, Sr., Collection (JFKK)000.000%
Stephen Tyler Collection (JFKL)000.000%
Janet Veazey and Helen Sturges - Anderson Collection (JFKM)000.000%
Samuel A. Stern Collection (JFKN)000.000%
Howard P. Willens Collection (JFKO)000.000%
Geoffrey J. Martin Collection (JFRSN)06300.000%
John V. Hansen Motion Picture Collection (JH)000.000%
James J. Mcmanus Collection (JJM)000.000%
John K. Hillers Collection (JKH)000.000%
John Kirtland Wright Collection (JKW)06300.000%
Joan Lemley Collection (JML)000.000%
General Joseph Lawton Collins Papers (JOCOL)03,7800.000%
Felton M. Johnston Collection (JOHNS)000.000%
George E. Q. Johnson Papers (JOHNSONEQ)6459,3006.935%
Mrs. James B. Jones Collection (JONES)000.000%
Frank M. Jones Collection (JONESFM)000.000%
Regina and Cornelius Jones Film Collection (JONESRC)000.000%
Charles E. Johnson Collection (JONSN)000.000%
Congressman James P. Richards Papers (JPR)01,2600.000%
John S.D. Eisenhower Collection (JSDE)000.000%
Dr. Robert Kapsch Collection (KAPS)69014,4834.764%
Ira Kaye Collection (KAYE)000.000%
Keller E. Kent Sound Collection (KENT)000.000%
Howard N. Kenyon, Jr. Collection (KENYN)07030.000%
Colonel James Taggart Kerr Papers (KERR)031,7350.000%
Lieutenant General Geoffrey Keyes Papers (KEYES)011,3400.000%
Robert Kinsman Collection (KINS)000.000%
Mrs. Ralph T. Kirchner Collection (KIRCH)000.000%
Roy Knabenshue Collection (KNAB)000.000%
Mrs. John H. Knowles Collection (KNOWL)000.000%
Eastman Kodak Company Collection (KODAK)000.000%
Charles Kohen Collection (KOHEN)06300.000%
Ulysses S. Grant III Photographic Collection Relating to the Korean Punitive Expedition (KWG)000.000%
Kay Kyser Sound Collection (KYSER)000.000%
Vice Adm. Emory S. Land Photographic Collection Relating to Merchant Marine Ship Construction (LA)000.000%
James M. Lambie, Jr., Collection (LAMBI)000.000%
Marcia Landau Papers (LANDAU)01,0200.000%
Richard Lavato Collection (LAVAT)000.000%
Patrick Lavelle Collection (LAVEL)000.000%
Library of Congress Collection (LC)000.000%
Lee Campbell Fox Collection (LCF)000.000%
Mrs. Harold E. Lee Collection (LEE)000.000%
Ross Leffler, Assistant Secretary of the Interior Collection (LEFF)000.000%
Records of the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (LEM)050,7000.000%
Frederic Lewis Collection (LEWIS)000.000%
Life Insurance Company of Virginia Sound Collection (LICV)000.000%
Jack Lieb Collection (LIEB)000.000%
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission Sound Recording Collection (LINCS)000.000%
Lithograhs By Lucien Jonas Relating to France in World War I (LJ)000.000%
United Nations Film Collection (LN)000.000%
Loew's, Inc., Collection (LOEW)000.000%
Naturalization Records of the California Superior Court for Los Angeles County (LOS)34,730106,56532.590%
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute Collection (LRRI)05100.000%
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute Collection (LRRI)05100.000%
Lloyd S. Howard Collection (LSH)000.000%
Louis E. Shecter Collection (LSHEC)000.000%
David Lubin Collection (LUBIN)000.000%
Lieutenant General Leroy Lutes Collection (LUTES)0118,4400.000%
Robert Livingston Collection (LVSTN)000.000%
Longines Wittnauer Watch Company, Inc. Collection (LW)000.000%
General Andrew Mackay Collection (MACKAY)000.000%
Records of the Makah Tribal Council (MAK)056,7000.000%
Charles Tousley Malcolmson Collection (MALC)01,2600.000%
Robert L. Manson Audio Collection (MANA)000.000%
John P. March Collection (MARCH)000.000%
Arnold Marquis Sound Recording Collection (MARQ)000.000%
Jack Martin Collection (MARTN)000.000%
Sara Branham Matthews and Annie Laurie Branham Pike Collection (MATTH)000.000%
Ben Maxwell Collection (MAXWL)000.000%
Henry G. Mazlen Collection (MAZLN)02100.000%
National Broadcasting Company Collection of Photographs of U.S. and Foreign Officials Taken By Navy Cdr. Maurice Constant (MC)000.000%
Max Adams Mccall Collection (MCALL)01,0200.000%
Max Adams Mccall Collection (MCALL)01,0200.000%
Virginia Webb Mccotter Collection (MCCOT)000.000%
Nina Mccully Mcdonald Collection (MCDON)000.000%
Henri Michel Collection (MCH)000.000%
Arthur M. Machemer Collection (MCHMR)05100.000%
Charles Mckinley Collection (MCK)026,4600.000%
Nancy Mckinley Collection (MCKIN)000.000%
Priscilla Johnson Mcmillan Papers (MCMILLAN)000.000%
Records of the Mid-Central War Resources Board (MCWR)029,3250.000%
Records of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDT)000.000%
Charles F. Meadows, Jr. Collection (MEADO)06300.000%
Mark Foreman Films Collection (MFF)000.000%
Monday Film Production Company Collection (MFPC)000.000%
Myron Gittinger Films and Memorabilia (MGITT)000.000%
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Collection (MGM)000.000%
Major General Carter B. Magruder Collection (MGRDR)01,2600.000%
Mark Greene Collection (MGRE)000.000%
Minnesota Historical Society Collection (MH)000.000%
Records of the Joint Commission on Mental Health of Children, Inc. (MHC)090,3500.000%
Meyer H. Fishbein Papers (MHF)0124,0950.000%
Michigan Historical Commission Collection (MHS)000.000%
Michigan State Board of Escheats Collection (MICH)06300.000%
Tamara Mick Collection (MICK)000.000%
Robert Mills Papers (MILLS)01,2600.000%
Gertrude P. Miller Collection (MILR)000.000%
Macneil-Lehrer News Hour Collection (ML)000.000%
Margaret Lavender Betzel Collection (MLB)000.000%
Martin L. Severe Collection (MLS)000.000%
Joseph Milteer Collection (MLT)000.000%
Mrs. Alexander Macmillan Collection (MMILL)000.000%
Museum of New Mexico Collection (MNM)000.000%
Robert S. Mcnamara Papers (MNR)154181,9630.085%
Colonel Thomas H. Monroe, Jr. Collection (MONRO)000.000%
Philippe Mora Collection (MORA)000.000%
Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Collection (MORG)000.000%
Jefferson Morley Collection (MORLY)000.000%
George Woodbury Morton Papers (MORTN)02,5200.000%
Associate Justice Richard M. Mosk Papers (MOSK)000.000%
Moviola Company Collection (MOVIO)000.000%
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., Collection (MPAA)000.000%
Lieutenant Commander Meriwether Patterson Jones Collection (MPJ)000.000%
Monroe P. Killy Collection of Photographs of Europe and North Africa (MPK)000.000%
University of Washington Collection (MR)000.000%
George C. Moreland Collection (MRLND)000.000%
Michigan State Archives Collection (MSA)000.000%
Mark Shecter Collection (MSHEC)000.000%
"March of Time" Collection (MT)000.000%
Kenneth W. Munden Papers and Sound Collection (MUNDN)022,9950.000%
Holly Mundt Tracy Collection (MUNDT)000.000%
John R. Murdock Collection (MURDK)000.000%
Edward R. Murrow Collection (MURROW)000.000%
Mrs. Frame Muth and Mrs. George Scurria Collection (MUTH)01,0050.000%
Mutual Broadcasting System Collection (MUTUAL)000.000%
Records of the National Mary Washington Memorial Association (MWMA)02,5200.000%
Charles N. Young Collection of Photographs (MY)000.000%
National 4-H Club Foundation Collection (N4HCF)000.000%
National Archives Assembly Collection (NAA)033,7100.000%
National Archives of India Collection (NAI)000.000%
Marion Napier Collection (NAPIE)000.000%
National Academy of Sciences Collection (NAS)0245,9600.000%
Records of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)0245,9600.000%
National Broadcasting Company, Inc., Collection (NBC)000.000%
National Board of Fire Underwriters Collection (NBFU)000.000%
National Center for Jewish Film Collection (NCJF)000.000%
Nesta Kay Clark Collection (NCLRK)000.000%
Dorothea P. Nelson Collection (NELSN)05100.000%
National Geographic Society Collection (NGS)000.000%
New Haven Historical Society Collection (NHSS)000.000%
Louis Hill Nicholson Collection (NICH)000.000%
Records of the Nicodemus, Kansas, Township Board (NICOD)09,8680.000%
Neil M. Judd Photographic Collection Relating to the Discovery of Rainbow Bridge, Utah (NJ)000.000%
N. Neal Pike Institute for the Handicapped Video Collection (NNPI)000.000%
Gunnar H. Nordbye Papers (NORDBYEGH)0107,7000.000%
James Norris Collection of Posters and Broadsides (NORRIS)000.000%
Richard Norton Papers (NORTN)01,2600.000%
Records of the National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT)000.000%
Robert Northshield Collection (NSHLD)000.000%
National Tuberculosis Association Collection (NTA)000.000%
National Trust for Historic Preservation Collection (NTHP)0691,2930.000%
John G. Nummy Collection (NUMMY)000.000%
Louise I. Nowack Collection (NWACK)06300.000%
Northwestern University Civil Affairs Training School Collection (NWESTCTS)000.000%
New York Treasury Collection (NYT)000.000%
New York University Collection (NYU)000.000%
Ohio Adjutant General's Department Collection (OHAGO)06300.000%
Barney Oldfield Sound Collection (OLD)000.000%
General Omar N. Bradley Papers (ONB)000.000%
Stanley J. and Nellie L. Sieczkowski Collection (OPA)05100.000%
Philippe d'Orleans Collection (ORLNS)02100.000%
Alexander Orlov Papers (ORLOV)017,4150.000%
Lloyd Ostendorf Collection (OSTEN)000.000%
Charlotte Plummer Owen Audio Collection (OWEN)000.000%
Thad Page Sound Collection (PAGE)000.000%
Pan American Institute of Geography and History Collection (PAIGH)000.000%
Col. William Henry Paine Collection (PAINE)000.000%
Philip Allen Lacovara Papers (PAL)05,3850.000%
Brigadier General Williston B. Palmer Papers (PALMR)01,2600.000%
Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection (PARA)000.000%
Elmer O. Parker Collection (PARKR)000.000%
Parks and Scenery Collection (PARKS)000.000%
James B. Parsons Papers (PARSONSJB)0304,2530.000%
Pathe News Collection (PATHE)000.000%
George S. Patton, Jr. Papers (PATTON)521,6953.068%
William B. Paul Collection (PAUL)000.000%
John and Kate Evans Collection of Photographic Prints of the Philippine Islands (PE)000.000%
Peale Museum Collection (PEALE)000.000%
The Peabody Essex Museum Collection (PEM)000.000%
Mrs. Jule Perlberg Collection (PERL)000.000%
T.K. Peters Collection (PETER)000.000%
Clyde Edwin Pettit, Jr., Collection (PETT)000.000%
Union League of Philadelphia Collection (PHILA)03150.000%
Allan N. Webster Photographic Collection Relating to the Philippine Islands (PI)000.000%
Mary Pickford Collection (PICK)000.000%
George E. Pickett III Collection (PICKT)000.000%
James Pierce Collection (PIERC)000.000%
Pribilof Islands Program Materials Collection (PIM)026,4600.000%
Pare Lorentz Motion Picture, Sound Recording, and Photographic Collection (PL)000.000%
Philip Pomeroy Collection (PMROY)000.000%
Richard H. Poff Collection (POFF)000.000%
Captain Charles Pond Society of the Children of the American Revolution Collection (POND)01,3900.000%
Ernst Posner Papers (POSNR)016,5850.000%
Hugo N. Huntzinger Photographic Collection Relating to Puerto Rico (PR)000.000%
Ron Praite Collection (PRAIT)000.000%
General John J. Pershing Papers (PRSHG)068,1400.000%
John F. Rider Collection (PRTCH)01,2600.000%
J. Robert St. Clair Collection of World War II Posters (PSC)000.000%
Pennsylvania State University Collection (PSU)000.000%
L. Kenneth Peterson Papers (PTRSN)01,0200.000%
Princeton University Library Sound Collection (PUL)000.000%
Northern Pump Company Collection (PUMP)000.000%
John F. Putnam Collection (PUTNM)03,7800.000%
E. Marshall Pywell Photographic Collection (PY)000.000%
David L. Quaid Collection (QMM)000.000%
R. C. Raack, Patrick Griffin, and William Malloch Collection (RAACK)000.000%
Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Manufacturing Company Sound Collection (RCA)000.000%
B. Carroll Reece Collection (REECE)000.000%
Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation Art Collection (REMM)213,7000.568%
Herbert Remme Collection (REMME)000.000%
Records of the American Committee on the French Revolution (REV)019,0200.000%
Winfield W. Riefler Papers (RFLR)03,7800.000%
Radio and Film Methods Corporation Sound Collection (RFMC)000.000%
Charles Edward Rhetts Papers (RHETS)03,3000.000%
James B. Rhoads Papers (RHOAD)015,3000.000%
Edith M. Richmond Collection (RICH)000.000%
Morris Rieger Papers (RIEGR)0156,5300.000%
Bert Riesterer Audio Collection (RIEST)000.000%
Sandra Riley Collection (RILEY)000.000%
Ben Ritter Collection (RITTR)000.000%
Reed P. Johnson Collection (RJOHN)000.000%
Robert J. Joseph Audio Collection (RJOSP)000.000%
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Collection (RKFLR)85101.569%
Rko General and Rko Radio Networks Sound Collection (RKO)000.000%
Russian Ministry of Defense Archives Collection (RMDA)000.000%
William F. Rope Collection (ROPE)000.000%
Peter Rosenblatt Collection (ROSN)07,5600.000%
Harold F. Round Collection (ROUND)000.000%
J. Sherman Rowe Collection (ROWE)000.000%
Roger Smith Collection (RSMTH)000.000%
Riverside County, California Department of Veteran's Services Collection (RVRSD)06300.000%
Robert J. Walker Papers (RWALK)05100.000%
Robert W. Wagner Collection (RWW)000.000%
Robert W. Wagner Collection (RWW)000.000%
University of South Alabama Photographic Collection (S)000.000%
Howard D. Samuel Collection (SAML)02,0750.000%
J. S. Samperton Associates Collection (SAMP)000.000%
Naturalization Records of the California Superior Court for San Diego County (SAN)46,877129,74336.131%
Steve Brown Collection (SBROWN)000.000%
John J. Schneider Collection (SCHND)06300.000%
South Carolina Historical Society Collection (SCHS)000.000%
George W. Schuyler Collection (SCHUY)000.000%
Colonel William R. Scott Collection (SCOTT)000.000%
Soundscriber Corporation Sound Collection (SCRIB)000.000%
Jose Sourillan Collection (SERP)000.000%
Digby G. Seymour Collection (SEYMR)000.000%
Jerome R. Lilienthal Stereographic Collection Relating to the German Invasion of Poland (SFF)000.000%
Seymour Hofstetter Photographic Collection Relating to the U.S.S. Callaway (SH)000.000%
Homer L. Shantz Collection (SHANT)000.000%
Gen. William F. Sharp Papers (SHARP)01,2600.000%
Howell Lewis Shay Sound Collection (SHAY)000.000%
A. Bernard R. Shelley Collection (SHELL)000.000%
Meyer Silverman Collection (SILVR)000.000%
L. J. Simonich Collection (SIMON)000.000%
Smithsonian Institution Collection (SINST)05100.000%
Records of the State Justice Institute (SJI)0107,7000.000%
J. William Klie Photographic Collection Relating to the Spanish-American War (SK)000.000%
Safety Light Collection (SLC)10<0.001%
Salina, Kansas Public Library Collection (SLINA)06300.000%
W.D. Smithers Collection (SMTHR)000.000%
San Bernardino County, California Department of Veteran Affairs Collection (SNBDO)06300.000%
Thomas Spencer Collection (SPNCR)000.000%
Lt. Col. Stephen J. Spingarn Papers (SPNGN)01,2600.000%
Sperry Rand Corporation Sound Collection (SPRAND)000.000%
Records of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC)0132,3000.000%
Frederick Stallforth Papers (STALL)01,2600.000%
Standard Oil of California Sound Collection (STD)000.000%
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stidham Collection (STDHM)08400.000%
A. Ralph Steinberg Collection (STEINB)000.000%
Dr. Seymour H. Stern Collection (STERN)000.000%
General Richard K. Sutherland Papers (STHLD)089,4600.000%
General Joseph W. Stilwell Papers (STLWL)01,2600.000%
Edwin M. Stanton Family Papers (STNTN)06300.000%
Hobart E. Stocking Collection (STOCK)000.000%
W. Grey Stone II Audio Collection (STONE)000.000%
Kathryn A. Stoner Collection (STONEKA)000.000%
Patrick T. Stone Papers (STONEPT)092,0280.000%
U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command Collection (STRAT)000.000%
B.R. Strachan Collection (STRHN)000.000%
Strenck Collection (STRNK)000.000%
George Scott Stewart, Jr., Papers (STWRT)020,1600.000%
Sublime Porte Papers (SUBP)05100.000%
Col. Alan P. Sullivan Collection (SULVN)000.000%
Lorraine Suskind Sound Recording Collection (SUSK)000.000%
George C. Sweeney Collection (SWEEN)08050.000%
Swift and Company Collection (SWIFT)000.000%
Paul S. Seward Collection (SWRD)000.000%
F. Randolph Swartz Collection (SWRTZ)000.000%
Charles W. Sydnor Film Collection (SYD)000.000%
Thomas Alva Edison Foundation Collection (TAEF)000.000%
Commander Xavier Bender Tansill Collection (TANSL)06300.000%
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation Collection (TCF)000.000%
Twelfth Engineers Association Film Collection (TEA)000.000%
Walter Thompson Collection (THOMP)000.000%
Thomas M. Leschine Collection (TML)00
Time-Life, Inc., Collection (TMLIF)000.000%
Philip H. Tobey Collection (TOBEY)000.000%
Theatre-On-Film, Inc., Collection (TOF)000.000%
Capt. Erwin Kornitzer Photographic Collection (TR)000.000%
Karl Trever Sound Collection (TREV)000.000%
Bolon B. Turner Collection (TRNR)018,9000.000%
Mrs. Thomas Spencer Collection (TSPEN)06300.000%
Thames Television Collection (TT)000.000%
Clifford E. Titcomb Collection (TTCMB)03,1250.000%
Records of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI)000.000%
Mrs. W.C. Turner Collection (TURNR)000.000%
John Tutuska Collection (TUTUS)000.000%
Training Within Industry Foundation Collection (TWIF)014,7600.000%
United Artists Corporation Collection (UA)000.000%
University of Alaska Anchorage Collection (UAA)01,2600.000%
United Aircraft Corporation Collection (UAC)000.000%
United Food and Commercial Workers Collection (UFCW)000.000%
MCA/Universal Pictures Collection (UN)521,3230<0.001%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDA)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDB)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDC)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDD)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDE)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDF)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDG)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDH)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDI)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDJ)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDK)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDL)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDM)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDN)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDO)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDP)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDQ)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDR)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDS)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDT)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDU)000.000%
Unidentified Collection (UNIDV)000.000%
Larry Urbanski Film Collection (URB)000.000%
United States Recording Company Sound Collection (USRC)000.000%
Robert Mcclory Collection of United War Work Campaign Posters (UWW)000.000%
Victor Gondos, Jr. Collection (VGT)022,2030.000%
Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission Collection (VIBC)000.000%
California Institute of Technology Collection (VISTA)022,6800.000%
Alfred Wagg Sound Recording Collection (WAGG)000.000%
WAII-TV Collection (WAII)000.000%
J. Wythe Walker Collection (WALKR)000.000%
Henry A. Wallace Sound Collection (WALL)000.000%
WAMU-FM Audio Collection (WAMU)000.000%
W.A.P. John Sound Collection (WAPS)000.000%
Washington Records, Incorporated, Collection (WAREC)000.000%
Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., Collection (WARN)000.000%
Thomas Wartenberg Collection (WART)000.000%
Elwyn L. Watson Collection (WATSN)000.000%
Albert Wattenberg Papers (Wattenberg)01,0200.000%
Westinghouse Broadcasting Sound Collection (WBC)000.000%
William Carey Crane Collection (WCC)000.000%
Homer Woodbridge Collection (WDBRG)01,2600.000%
Western Electric Company Collection (WEC)000.000%
Mrs. Sydney Wellborn Collection (WELLB)000.000%
Mabel L. West Collection (WEST)000.000%
Weiss Films, Inc., Collection (WF)000.000%
Wgbh Educational Foundation Collection (WGBH)000.000%
William Haddon Photographic Collection Relating to the Work Projects Administration (WH)000.000%
White House Conference on Families Collection (WHCF)000.000%
Roger Hull White Collection (WHIT)000.000%
William B. White, Jr. Collection (WHITE)000.000%
J. Edwin White Collection (WHT)000.000%
Brevet General Henry M. Whittelsey Papers (WHTL)01,0200.000%
Raymond E. Willis Sound Recording (WILIS)000.000%
Captain Jesse Wilkinson Collection (WILK)000.000%
James H. Wilkerson Papers (WILKERSONJ)016,1250.000%
John Willoughby Audio Collection (WILL)000.000%
Station Wjsv Sound Collection (WJSV)000.000%
Wade Lemmons Collection (WL)000.000%
General Charles A. Willoughby Collection (WLOBY)0186,2800.000%
Jessie L. Carter Collection of William Mcilvaine Watercolor Drawings (WM)000.000%
WMAR-TV Video Collection (WMAR)000.000%
Sir Henry Wellcome Collection (WME)24187,0700.013%
Magdalene F. Wanzer Collection (WNZR)06300.000%
John H. M. Woods Jr. Film Collection (WOODS)000.000%
Radio Station Wow, Incorporated, Collection (WOW)000.000%
Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania Slide Collection Relating to World War I (WP)000.000%
Wpix, Inc., Collection (WPIX)000.000%
J. Butler Wright Collection (WRGHT)019,3800.000%
Mrs. Sylvester Wright Collection (WRIGH)000.000%
Kenneth Wright Sound Collection (WRIGHT)000.000%
Jacob I. Weinstein Collection (WST)050,1200.000%
Earnest C. Tracy Photographic Collection Relating to World War I (WT)000.000%
James T. Watkins Collection (WTKNS)01,0200.000%
Wtop Radio Broadcast Collection (WTOP)000.000%
Washington Video Prod., Inc. Collection (WVP)000.000%
Christy Farrar Lantern Slide Collection of Allied Artillery Emplacements (WW)000.000%
Wwdc Radio Documentaries (WWDC)000.000%
Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society Sound Collection (WWLIC)000.000%
Alton A. Lindsey Papers (XAAL)08,6430.000%
Arthur C. Aufderheide Papers (XACA)03,2650.000%
American Geographical Society Collection (XAGS)01,0200.000%
American Geophysical Union Collection (XAGU)000.000%
August Howard Papers (XAH)06,2430.000%
Arnold H. Clarke Papers (XAHC)05,8550.000%
Amory Hooper (Bud) Waite, Jr. Papers (XAHW)046,4800.000%
Albert Lincoln Washburn Papers (XALW)0246,7950.000%
Alfred M. Bailey Papers (XAMB)02,0400.000%
Albert P. Crary Papers (XAPC)01,0200.000%
Arthur Remington Kellogg Papers (XARK)05100.000%
Antarctican Society Collection (XAS)06,8400.000%
Andrew S. Horton Papers (XASH)06300.000%
American Society of Polar Philatelists Collection (XASPP)07,1400.000%
Colonel Bernt Balchen Papers (XBB)020,6450.000%
Berton C. Willard Collection (XBCW)01,0200.000%
Bert R. J. Hassel Collection (XBRJH)014,4530.000%
Charles Galt Fitzgerald Papers (XCGF)04930.000%
Charles Henshaw Ward Papers (XCHW)01,7700.000%
Charles J. Hubbard Papers (XCJH)07,1750.000%
Carl R. Eklund Family Papers (XCRE)084,7050.000%
Rear Admiral Charles Ward Thomas Papers (XCWT)027,5280.000%
Rear Admiral Donald Baxter Macmillan Papers (XDBM)01,0200.000%
Donald E. Powellek Papers (XDEP)01,1340.000%
Dora Keen Handy Papers (XDKH)000.000%
Dennis Rawlins Papers (XDR)02,2800.000%
Dayton R. E. Brown Papers (XDREB)07,6500.000%
Duncan Stewart Papers (XDS)046,1500.000%
David W. Canham Papers (XDWC)05,8200.000%
Elizabeth A. Kendall Papers (XEAK)019,5000.000%
Edmund B. Delabarre Papers (XEBD)03,0950.000%
Emil Diebitsch Papers (XED)01,2600.000%
Edward E. Goodale Papers (XEEG)01,0200.000%
Epaminondas J. Demas Papers (XEJD)039,2400.000%
Edward K. Armour Papers (XEKA)03,1600.000%
Elgen M. Long Papers (XEML)01,0200.000%
Edward P. Stafford Collection (XEPS)02,5200.000%
Edward P. Stafford Collection (XEPS)02,5200.000%
Emma W. Delong Papers (XEWD)01,0200.000%
Edward W. Remington Papers (XEWR)07030.000%
Francis Dana Coman Papers (XFDC)01,0200.000%
Florence E. Paullin Gschwind Papers (XFEPG)000.000%
Finn Ronne Family Papers Collection (XFR)044,3480.000%
Frank Thomas Davies Papers (XFTD)000.000%
George A. Llano Papers (XGAL)01,0200.000%
George Clyde Baldwin Papers (XGCB)03,0630.000%
Gerald E. Church Papers (XGEC)01,0200.000%
George E. Tyson Papers (XGET)000.000%
George Grimminger Papers (XGG)01,2600.000%
George Harlow Clark Papers (XGHC)02,0350.000%
Gerald Pagano Papers (XGP)032,8250.000%
Gerald R. Pitzl Papers (XGRP)01,5300.000%
George R. Toney Papers (XGRT)000.000%
Records of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia (XGSP)04,0030.000%
George W. Sutton, Jr. Papers (XGWS)01,7830.000%
Hugo A. C. Neurberg Collection (XHACN)04,1250.000%
Henry Biederbick Papers (XHB)01,2600.000%
Harold E. Saunders Collection (XHES)032,8580.000%
Herbert G. Dorsey, Jr. Collection (XHGD)01,2600.000%
Harrison J. Hunt Collection (XHJH)01,2600.000%
Hugh Johnson Lee Papers (XHJL)04,6800.000%
Henry M. Dater Collection (XHMD)05,8200.000%
Humble Oil and Refining Company Collection (XHORC)02,0880.000%
Herman R. FrIIs Collection (XHRF)0262,0380.000%
Henry T. Harrison Collection (XHTH)01,0200.000%
Lieutenant Commander Isaac Schlossbach Papers (XIS)01,0200.000%
John A. Pope Papers (XJAP)4671,59329.325%
John Calvin Reed Papers (XJCR)017,9300.000%
Josephine Diebitsch Peary Papers (XJDP)044,1600.000%
James Elliott Mooney Papers (XJEM)045,7800.000%
John E. Moriarty Papers (XJEMY)01,2600.000%
John E. Perry, Jr. Papers (XJEP)000.000%
John Hanessian Papers (XJH)059,3900.000%
Jere H. Lipps Papers (XJHL)01,0200.000%
Jane Mcilvaine Mcclary Papers (XJMM)02,0400.000%
John Newton Dyer Papers (XJND)03,0950.000%
Joseph W. Patronick Papers (XJP)03,1900.000%
Julian S. Warmbath Papers (XJSW)02,0650.000%
John Tuck, Jr. Papers (XJTJR)010,4250.000%
James W. Davidson Papers (XJWD)4583,16514.471%
John Wall Wilson Papers (XJWW)000.000%
Kenneth J. Bertrand Papers (XKJB)037,4750.000%
Louise A. Boyd Papers (XLAB)000.000%
Lawrence C. Woods Jr. Papers (XLCW)07030.000%
Lincoln Ellsworth Papers (XLE)025,1830.000%
Leland L. Barter Papers (XLLB)020,8850.000%
Laurence M. Gould Papers (XLMG)013,4700.000%
Leonard Seltzer Wilson Papers (XLSW)05100.000%
Records of Lindblad Travel, Inc. (XLT)000.000%
Lee W. Court Paintings (XLWC)01,9900.000%
Edwin A. and Jessie Bell Macdonald Papers (XMACD)034,5000.000%
Murray A. Wiener Papers (XMAW)05,2980.000%
Mortimer D. Turner Papers (XMDT)046,5600.000%
Meredith F. Burrill Papers (XMFB)016,3200.000%
Matthew J. Brennan Papers (XMJB)03,4500.000%
Morton J. Rubin Papers (XMJR)000.000%
Marie Peary Kuhne Papers (XMPK)044,2200.000%
Mary W. Peary Papers (XMWP)06,4450.000%
Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary Family Collection (XP)114642,3800.018%
Paul C. Dalrymple Papers (XPCD)020,5800.000%
Paul C. Oscanyan Papers (XPCO)01,0200.000%
Palle Mogensen Papers (XPM)028,8950.000%
Philip M. Smith Papers (XPMS)020,8800.000%
Paul R. Sullivan Papers (XPRS)011,2750.000%
Quin A. Blackburn Papers (XQAB)05,4200.000%
Rudolph A. Honkala Papers (XRAH)02,2650.000%
Robert C. Watt Papers (XRCW)05,9280.000%
Roy F. Jones Papers (XRFJ)01,0200.000%
Robert L. Lillestrand Papers (XRLL)02,0400.000%
Robert N. Davis Papers (XRND)06,1650.000%
Ruby P. Lund Collection (XRPL)02,0750.000%
Richard R. Conger Collection (XRRC)05,1450.000%
Ralph S. Plaisted Papers (XRSP)01,8900.000%
Richard W. Konter Collection (XRWK)01,9000.000%
Richard W. Manning Collection (XRWM)06300.000%
Russell W. Porter Papers (XRWP)50152,5000.954%
Robert W. Wood Collection (XRWW)02,6180.000%
Stevenson Corey Papers (XSC)011,8250.000%
Sven Edward Roos Papers (XSER)01,0200.000%
Svend Frederiksen Family Papers (XSF)067,8530.000%
Paul A. Siple Family Papers (XSIPL)0578,9030.000%
Shepherd M. Jenks Papers (XSMJ)04930.000%
Silas Nott Malterner Papers (XSNM)01,0200.000%
Thomas C. Poulter Papers (XTCP)096,6650.000%
Thomas H. Hubbard Papers (XTHH)07030.000%
The New York Times Collection (XTNYT)07,3000.000%
Victor H. Czegka Papers (XVHC)000.000%
Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Eleanor Stefansson Nef Papers (XVS)031,2650.000%
William C. Haines Papers (XWCH)023,7550.000%
Walter H. Bucher Papers (XWHB)01,0200.000%
Walter R. Seelig Papers (XWRS)011,7650.000%
William S. Carlson Papers (XWSC)04,0800.000%
Yale University School of Medicine Collection (YALE)000.000%
Mary Rose Yarnall Collection (YARNL)000.000%
Ruth J. Yazel Collection (YAZEL)06300.000%
John J. Young Papers (YOUNG)000.000%
Abraham Zapruder Collection of Transparencies Relating to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (ZF)02,0400.000%
Zaidee Huidekoper Fuller Collection (ZHF)000.000%
Robert S. Zigman Collection (ZIGMN)01,2600.000%

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