National Archives Forms

The forms listed below include some of our most commonly used forms. Additional forms are available from our nationwide network of Archives facilities.

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Passenger Arrival Records (NATF Form 81)
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Federal Census Records (NATF Form 82)
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Eastern Cherokee Applications (NATF Form 83)
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Federal Land Entry Files (NATF Form 84)
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Military Pension/Bounty Land Warrant Applications (NATF Form 85)
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(Pre-WWI) Military Service Records (NATF Form 86)
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(Post-WWI) Military Records (SF-180)
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Note: NATF 80 is no longer used. Use NATF 85 for military pension and bounty land warrant applications, and NATF 86 for military service records for Army veterans discharged before 1912.

Order Records

These forms are available for you to download/print, sign, and return to us via fax or mail, as indicated in the instructions for each. At this time, these forms can not be submitted through our website.


Form Number Title Reason to Use
SF-180 Request Pertaining to Military Records Order copies of military records.
NA Form 14115 Independent Researcher Listing Application Form | Word Version Request inclusion in our online listing of independent researchers.
NATF Form 36 Microfilm Order Form 
What's Available   |   How to Order Microfilm
Purchase microfilm.
NATF Form 37 Alien Case Files Order Form
What's Available  
Order copies of Alien Case Files.
NA 14110 Item Approval Form Order motion pictures and sound recordings.
  Request & Order Reproductions Request reproductions of Passenger Arrival Records, Eastern Cherokee Applications, and Compiled Military Service Records online.
VA 9957 CRS Time Sharing Request Form

ACRS Time Sharing Request Form 2
Federal Agencies Only: Establish a time sharing account.

Copies of Nixon Presidential Materials

Form Title Use For
Motion Film Order Form 16mm, 35mm, color, or black and white motion film
Textual Materials Presidential and non-Presidential materials
Audiovisual Materials Audiotapes

Office of Government Information Services (OGIS)

Title Reason to Use
Consent to Make Inquiries and Release of Information and Records (NA Form 10003) Authorize the Office of Government Information Services to make inquiries on your behalf regarding requests for records under the Freedom of Information Act and/or Privacy Act filed with another federal government agency.


Title Reason to Use
National Archives Applicant Background Survey Apply for a job with the National Archives.


Form Number Title/Description
Standard Form 424   Application for Federal Assistance
Standard Form 424B Assurances--Non-Construction Programs
  Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (submit only if you have engaged in lobbying activities)


Records Management (For Use By Federal Agencies Only)