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Guidance from other offices

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on occasion issues guidance from offices other than those individually identified on our main guidance page.  These guidance documents may impact members of the public.  In the list below, you can search, access, and read our current guidance from these other offices.


Using the guidance table below:

  • You can sort the guidance list by title, type of guidance, or date, etc.
  • You can also search the list for specific terms that might be in the title, the topic, or the description, to help you find documents on a particular subject.

NARA Guidance Portal


Cancelled guidance

  • If you are looking for cancelled / expired / superseded guidance, click the link below the Current Guidance list to go to the Cancelled Guidance page.


Number Date issued Title zRIN General topic Summary Date posted to portal Status Date of status change
EP 2021-01 03/01/2021 Vulnerability Disclosure Policy   IT Provides guidance for people wishing to report on NARA systems vulnerabilities; identifies systems, types of activities, how to send vulnerability reports. 03/02/2021    
NARA 803 05/17/2021 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Policy   IT Outlines NARA's policy phasing out IPv4 information systems and products and requiring all new information systems to be IPv6-enabled when deployed. 05/17/2021    



 Superseded / Cancelled Other Guidance