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Carlton J. Dearborn, S2c

Carlton J. Dearborn, S2c

"Carlton J. Dearborn, S2c [cements a stringer on the fuselage of balsam model of Stuka Dive Bomber at Camp Smalls, U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL. Dearborn teaches sailors to identify enemy and Allied aircraft]." March 13, 1943. (NWDNS-80-G-294792; National Archives Identifier: 520667); General Photographic File of the Department of Navy, 1943 - 1958; General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1804 - 1958; Record Group 80; National Archives.

Taken March 13, 1943, this photo shows Seaman Carlton J. Dearborn building a model of a Stuka Dive Bomber. According to the caption, "Dearborn teaches sailors to identify enemy and Allied aircraft."
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