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Document for July 23rd:
"Hancock homestead, July 23, 1910. Settler from Benson, Minn."

"Hancock homestead. Settler from Benson, Minn." Sun River project, Montana. 1999 print from the original glass negative. Walter Lubken photographer (National Archives Identifier: 531562); Photographs of Irrigation Projects, 1896 - 1938; Records of the Bureau of Reclamation, 1889 - 1992; Record Group 115; National Archives.

Dated July 23, 1910, the caption of this photograph by Walter Lubken reads: "Hancock homestead. Settler from Benson, Minn. Little girl feeding chickens against background of house, buckboard wagon, and ridge of plateau, Sun River, Mont."

Employed by the U.S. Reclamation Service (USRS), Mr. Lubken took thousands of photographs documenting the Reclamation Service’s irrigation projects across the American West. His optimistic images impress the viewer with the technological and social advances made by westerners. They highlight the progress made in formerly barren and isolated places and show that abundant opportunities awaited those willing to move west and work hard on reclaimed land.
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