Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Japanese War Crimes

100,000 Pages Declassified in Japanese War Crimes Records, Press Release, January 12, 2007

Resources for Researchers

  • Finding Aid: Greg Bradsher's 1700-page guide, "Japanese War Crimes and Related Records: A guide to Records in the National Archives" provides an indispensible source for any researcher on this topic. The Guide is supplied on a CD attached to the volume (see below) "Researching Japanese War Crimes" and is unique as an electronic guide to records.

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  • Select Documents on Japanese War Crimes and Japanese Biological Warfare,
    1934-2006 (23.2 MB) encompasses several thousand documents on Japanese war crimes & Japanese biological warfare. These selections represent key documentation gathered from a comprehensive search of official record holdings in NARA and from reference materials gathered by the IWG.

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