Interagency Working Group (IWG)

IWG Members

IWG Members

Allen Weinstein (Chair)
National Archives and Records Administration

Richard Ben-Veniste
Washington DC

William Hooton
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Mary Walsh
Office of the Executive Director
Central Intelligence Agency

Elizabeth Holtzman
New York NY

Christina Bromwell
Office of the Secretary of Defense

Thomas H. Baer
Los Angeles CA

William H. Leary
Senior Director for Records and Access Management
National Security Council

Paul Shapiro
Director, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Eli M. Rosenbaum
Director, Office of Special Investigations
Department of Justice

Marc J. Susser
The Historian
Department of State

Historical Advisory Panel

Professor Gerhard Weinberg
University of North Carolina, Emeritus (Chair)

Professor Rebecca Boehling
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Ms. Linda Goetz Holmes

Professor Christopher Simpson
American University

Professor Ronald W. Zweig
Tel Aviv University

Professor Carol Gluck
Columbia University

Professor Peter Hayes
Northwestern University

Mr. James Critchfield
Central Intelligence Agency (ret.)

Historical Consultants

Dr. Richard Breitman
American University

Dr. Edward J. Drea
Center of Military History

Dr. Norman J. W. Goda
Ohio University

Dr. James Lide
History Associates

Dr. Marlene J. Mayo
University of Maryland

Dr. Timothy Naftali
University of Virginia

Mr. Robert Wolfe
National Archives (ret.)

Dr. Daqing Yang
George Washington University