National Archives at Kansas City

Flood Cleanup Subject Files (1993), Folder List

Record Group 412: Records of the Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII


Box 1

Analytical data
Civil Air Patrol flights
Daily Work Orders
Data Disks
Davenport emergency information
Davenport flood insurance
Delivery orders
Department of Transportation information
Disposal information
Disposal manifests
Drinking water and waste water treatment
Drum retrieval/storage/tracking


Box 2

Emergency permit requests
EPA contracts re: ESF #10
E.R. log book, Jim Kudlinski
Facility reviews
Federal Coordinating Officer digest
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Emergency Management support function #10
Funding information
Highway closings
Hazardous waste manifest


Box 3

Household hazardous waste (HHW)
Household hazardous waste file
HHW contractor cost tracking
HHW ERCS work plans
HHW maps
HHW miscellaneous
HHW regulatory
HHW schedules/itinerary
HHW subcontractors
HHW Tracking by county

  • Boone
  • Dickinson
  • Green
  • Linn
  • Polk
  • Pottawattamie
  • Scott (Davenport)
  • Story
  • Tama
  • Van Buren
  • Wapello


Box 4

Household waste disposal requests for proposals
Inventory, Fort Madison
LEPC information
Levee information
Media information
Miscellaneous state correspondence
Mission statement
NPL site information forms
Off site disposal reports
On site monitoring
Potential sites


Box 5

Regional Response Team meeting
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act information
Riedel entry/exit logs
Rock Island
Site safety plans
Situation report - Davenport
Situation report - FEMA
Situation report (OSC)
Street index, Davenport
Waste facilities affected by flood


Box 6

Analytical data
Emergency support function #10
Fairfax drainage
Mission statement
PBAF (press briefings)
Situation report (FEMA)
Situation report (OSC)
Superfund sites affected by flood

Analytical data
Deactivation plan
Delivery order
Emergency support function #10
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/US Coast Guard
Fund limitation (ROC & DFO)


Box 7

General information/correspondence
Hazardous waste manifests
Hazardous waste program flood assessment report
Household hazardous waste
HHW collection schedule
HHW collection tracking sheets
HHW Columbia sanitary landfill
HHW county contracts
HHW FEMA documents
HHW final report
HHW hold harmless exception report
HHW major counties
HHW Missouri Department of National Resources (MDNR), re mobilization and contract
HHW MDNR program prior to EPA involvement
HHW personal notes
HHW PBAF, related material, press clippings, press releases
HHW request and termination
HHW request bid solicitation and disposal subcontract agreement
HHW Weldon Springs training area, MDNR request for use of


Box 8

Incident Progress Report (OSC)
Kansas City area flood response daily reports
Mission statement
MDNR correspondence (part)


Box 9

MDNR correspondence (end)
Off site disposal report
Photos-Jefferson City and Boonville areas
Public water systems
Quality assurance (QAPP)
St. Charles County emergency management agency
Sampling requirement
Situation reports (FEMA)
Times Beach remediation project

Analytical data


Box 10

Carl=s plan of action
Chemicals stored at major facilities
Daily status reports
Data analytical
Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Transportation regulations
DFO file
Disaster news/chemical concerns
Emergency Operation Center - Headquarters Washington
Environmental Protection Act and related law July 1992
ESF #10 daily situation reports
Fact sheet
Federal Coordinating Office digests
Fire marshall report
Flood storm damage
Health and Safety


Box 11

Household hazardous waste
HHW daily and cumulative totals
HHW general
HHW tracking sheets
Interagency hazard mitigation team meeting
Interagency hazard mitigation team report
Miscellaneous (part)


Box 12

Miscellaneous (end)
Mission statement
Municipal water/waste
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ)
News releases
Offutt Air Force Base
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act permit
Situation report forms
Situation reports
Situation reports (NE EOC)
Situation reports (OSC)
Waste management facilities
Water monitoring

Analytical data
Archives index
Archives Information
Asbestos policy
Browner, Carol


Box 13

Coloring books - American Red Cross
Congressional inquiries
Coordinated monitoring plan
Crisis Management within a Political Environment (Canada)
Espy taskforce
Farm Flood Response Workshop
FEMA memorandum and documents
File indexes
Great Flood of 1993 Post Flood Report, Appendix D, the Hearings


Box 14

Log books
Miscellaneous - printed material
Mission assignments


Box 15

Public affairs
Quality assurance plan/flood management plan
Sharing the Challenge: Flood Plain Management into the 21st Century


Box 16

Situation reports
Situation reports - EOC, Inc.
Superfund sites affected by the flood
Transition reports
Waste generator issues
Waste water