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Land Tract Volume List

Bureau of Land Management (Record Group 49), Missouri Land Offices

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Volume 1, ca. 1829-1865:
T 19-35N, R 13E
T 19-27N, R 14E

Volume 2, ca. 1823-1825:
T 21-26N, R 1-7E

Volume 3, ca. 1823-1832:
T 27N, R 12E
T 21-27N, R 13-15E
T 24-27N, R 16E
T 23-27N, R 17E
T 26-27N, R 18E

Volume 4, ca. 1821-1833:
T 32N, R 10-15E
T 33N, R 1-15E
T 34N, R 1-14E

Volume 5, ca. 1821-1833:
T 35-37N, R 1-11E
T 35-36N, R 12E
T 35N, R 13E

Volume 6, ca. 1824-1860:
T 38-48N, R 5-9E
T 39N, R 8W

Volume 7, ca. 1833-1897:
T 22N, R 11-29W

Volume 8, ca. 1833-1897:
T 22N, R 30-33W
T 23N, R 11-25W

Volume 9, ca. 1833-1897:
T 23N, R 26-33W
T 24N, R 11-21W

Volume 10, ca. 1833-1897:
T 24N, R 22-33W
T 25N, R 11-17W

Volume 11, ca. 1833-1897:
T 25N, R 18-33W
T 26N, R 11-13W

Volume 12, ca. 1833-1897:
T 26N, R 14-32W

Volume 13, ca. 1855-1897:
T 26N, R 33W
T 27N, R 11-28W

Volume 14, ca. 1840-1897:
T 27N, R 29-33W
T 28N, R 11-24W

Volume 15, ca. 1834-1898:
T 28N, R 25-33W
T 29N, R 11-19W

Volume 15A, ca. 1834-1898:
T 28N, R 25-33W
T 29N, R 11-19W
This is a duplicate of Volume 15, which is in poor condition.

Volume 16, ca. 1833-1897:
T 29N, R 20-33W
T 30N, R 11-14W

Volume 17, ca. 1839-1897:
T 30N, R 15-33W

Volume 18, ca. 1833-1897:
T 33N, R 22-33W
T 34N, R 11-16W

Volume 19, ca. 1833-1892:
T 34N, R 17-33W

Volume 20, ca. 1838-1894:
T 34N, R 33W
T 35N, R 11-28W

Volume 21, ca. 1833-1895:
T 36N, R 25-33W
T 37N, R 11-20W

Volume 22:
T 25-37N, R 12W
T 21-27N, R 13W
Book has no entries. Some of the Township and Ranges can be found in Volumes 7-11, 13-16, 18, and 20-21.

Volume 23, ca. 1819-1855:
T 38-41N, R 1-4W
T 38N, R 10W
T 40N, R 5W
T 44-58N, R 9-10W
T 56-61N, R 8W

Volume 24, ca. 1839-1877:
T 41N, R 23W
T 41-44N, R 24W
T 45-49N, R 31-33W
T 50N, R 31-33W
T 51N, R 30-31W

Volume 25, ca. 1833-1835:
T 45-47N, R 22-23W

Volume 26, ca. 1832-1859:
T 53-56 R 31W
T 50-56N, R 32-33W
T 51-52N, R 24W
T 56-58N, R 24-29W
T 45-49N, R 30W

Volume 27, ca. 1832-1841:
T 44-62N, R 11-32W
Entries are not in order and do not cover entire Township and Ranges.