National Historical Publications & Records Commission

Payment Instructions for Grantees

Confirm Current Registration with SAM

Applicant organizations must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) prior to submitting an application, maintain SAM registration throughout the application and award process, and include a valid DUNS number in their application. Details on SAM registration and requesting a DUNS number can be found at the System for Award Management website at Please refer to the User Guides section and the Grants Registrations PDF.

Request Payment

To request grant funds, you must use the Request for Advance or Reimbursement, Standard Form 270Standard Form 270.

Submit your reimbursable request based on actual expenses, either at the end of the grant period or on a quarterly basis. If necessary, you may make an advance request, however we do not advance more than two months' worth of anticipated expenses, and we do not advance the full amount of the grant unless it will be expended within the first two months.

Narrative and financial reports, as well as payment requests must be up to date and completed correctly in order for payments to go forward. Any overdue reports or incorrect payment request forms (e.g. numbers listed do not add up or cost-share is not shown), will result in payment requests being held until corrected or until additional information is received. NHPRC reviews requests and then forwards to the Bureau of Public Debt (BPD), Department of the Treasury, for final review and payment by automatic deposit.


  1. Type of Payment Requested

    1. Check ADVANCE if you wish to receive Federal funds for expenditures you expect to incur and pay within two month project period as noted in box #8 "Period covered by this request." Please submit the advance request as early as possible in order to allow for review and processing. Advances should also include a written explanation/supplemental information on how funds will be used that corresponds with the approved budget and project schedule. The written explanation should also include the expected contribution of cost-share funds during this period.

      Check REIMBURSEMENT for reimbursement of expenditures already paid through this grant. Check both blocks if you are requesting a combined reimbursement and advance. All costs must be incurred within the period of support indicated on the Grant Award Summary or as amended by an extension letter signed by the NHPRC. However, reimbursement funds may be requested up to 90 days after the grant period has ended.

    2. Check FINAL if this will be the last or only payment you are requesting on this grant; otherwise check PARTIAL.

  2. Select the accounting method used to record expenditures. If you recognize expenses only as you pay them, check CASH. If you recognize expenses before paying them, check ACCRUAL.

  3. Enter "NHPRC"

  4. Show the 14-digit grant number assigned by the NHPRC (see the Grant Award Summary). Please make sure this is for the correct grant, if you have multiple grants with NHPRC.

  5. Numbered "1" for the first request, "2" for the second, etc. Please note that reimbursement requests can be combined and separate requests do not need to be sent for each month.

  6. Enter your organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as the Tax Identification Number (TIN), assigned by the IRS

  7. May be left blank, or you can insert your own account number for your own tracking purposes

  8. Enter the expenditure period covered by this payment request, not the entire period of the grant (unless this is a one-time request). This expense period must fall within the stated grant period on the Grant Award Summary or as amended by an extension letter signed by the NHPRC. Each period typically follows the last.

  9. Enter the name and full address of the grantee

  10. Leave blank, as all payments are made by electronic fund transfer

  11. Computation of Amount Requested

    1. Indicate all allowable project costs (cost share and NHPRC funds) that have been incurred and/or paid as of the date listed. Please fill in the "As of date" in box "a." This may be different from the dates listed in box 8 if this request is an advance.

      The total program outlays to date should include the difference in cost-share from the prior request, as well as the prior payments received. For reimbursements, it should also include the current amount requested.

      For any subsequent requests, this figure must be cumulative. All costs claimed must be allowable and appropriate expense documentation (e.g., timesheets, payroll records, contracts, receipts, invoices, cancelled checks, etc.) must be maintained and available for submission upon request.

    2. Provide this information only if you received income from program income, such as meeting registration fees, etc., that are to be applied to the grant.

    3. Line 11a. minus 11b.

    4. Provide this information if you are requesting an advance of NHPRC funds to cover expenses to be incurred within a two-month period as indicated in box 8 "Period covered by this request." This is the period during which costs will be incurred and funds expended. Line 11d should usually match line 11i for advances and should only list the Federal funds requested. Advances should also include a supplemental written explanation on how funds will be used that corresponds with the approved budget and project schedule. Expected cost-share for the advance period should also be shown in this written explanation.

    5. The total of lines 11c. and 11d.

    6. Enter the total amount of cost share represented in the amount on 11e. This is required for both reimbursements and advances. See the Grant Award Summary and approved project Budget Form for the expected cost sharing amount. Cost share is closely tracked throughout the project. (Divide the cost-share by the total project costs on line e to see if you are currently at the percentage of cost-share required) If you are not meeting the expected cost sharing, you must provide a brief supplemental explanation when submitting your payment request. Please explain the shortfall and when you expect to make it up.

    7. Subtract line 11f. from line 11e.

    8. Indicate all NHPRC funds previously requested for this grant. This should correspond with prior request forms.

    9. Show the amount you are now requesting. Subtract line 11h. from 11g.


  13. Must be completed and signed by a responsible fiscal agent for the grant

Once complete, either fax the signed form to 202-357-5914, or scan it and email it as a PDF to Keep the original in your files. Please do not mail. Duplicate copies are NOT needed.

How to Track Payments

Register to use the Treasury Department's Internet Payment Platform to identify the payments made to you through the Bureau of Public Debt (BPD), Department of the Treasury.