National Historical Publications & Records Commission

National Historical Publications and Records Commission Grants - November 2015

National Historical Publications and Records Commission Grants
November 2015


Grants to promote the preservation and use of the nation's most valuable archival resources.

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Fayetteville, AR $73,989
To support "Seeing Red: James D. Bales and the Southern Red Scare," an 18 month project to arrange, describe, re-house, and make accessible the papers of James D. Bales, comprising 435 linear feet of materials that document the history of American conservatism and the anti-Communist education movement in the post-WWII era.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV $129,600
To support "America’s Great Gamble," a two-year project to process and make accessible three of its unprocessed collections, comprising 359 linear feet of materials that document the contemporary history of legalized gambling in the United States.

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY $126,064
To support "Keeping on Track: Processing and Digitizing Railroad Collections at the Kheel Center," an eighteen month project to process 65 railroad collections (339 linear feet) at the detailed level and digitize a selection of 1,618 photographs from those collections.

Missouri Historical Society
St. Louis, MO $69,044
To support "Picturing 1930s St. Louis: Sievers Studio Collection Project," for a two-year project to rehouse, arrange, and describe the 1930s series of photographs from the Sievers Studio collection and digitize 3,000 images that depict the people, industry, and places during Prohibition and the Great Depression.

University of Texas, San Antonio
San Antonio, TX $145,650
To support "Su Voto Es Su Voz: Documenting Democracy Through the Records of the Southwest Voters Registration Education Project," a two-year project to process 500 linear feet of textual records and to reformat 154 pieces of audiovisual material from the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.

Wildlife Conservation Society
Bronx, NY $60,237
To support "Promoting Access to Key WCS Archives Collections," a project to arrange and describe 13 collections (approximately 191.25 linear feet) that document the mid-20th century environmental and wildlife conservation movements and the developing field of animal care in zoos and aquariums.

Country Music Foundation, Inc.
Nashville, TN $114,069
To support "Conserving and Digitizing Rare Transcription Discs in the Bob Pinson Recorded Sound Collection," a two-year project to preserve, digitize, and make available online approximately 700 rare transcription discs recorded from the 1930s until the 1960s that were recorded for industry personnel, as proof for radio advertising, or for auditions by performers.

PUBLISHING HISTORICAL RECORDS – Colonial and Early National Period

Grants to prepare documentary editions of major historical figures and institutions during the colonial and early national period of the United States (up to 1820).

University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI $149,725
To support a project to edit The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution, to publish a combined volume on New Hampshire and Vermont’s ratification and one on South Carolina and to commence work on the final two volumes in the series devoted to North Carolina’s ratification.

George Washington University
Washington, DC $140,898
To support a project to edit The Documentary History of the First Federal Congress, the project’s final volume 22, the combined index for volumes 21 and 22; and complete all corrections for volumes 1-20 of the digital edition.

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA $146,726
To support a project to edit The Papers of John Adams, volume 14 of the Adams Family Correspondence and volume 19 of the Papers of John Adams (February 1787-June 1788).

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA $45,183
To support a project to edit the Dolley Madison Digital Edition, volumes 10 (1848) and 11 (1849).


Grants to strengthen archives and historical records programs in each of the states and build a national archival network.

Alabama Department of Archives and History
Montgomery, AL$40,000
To support a one year project at the Alabama Historical Records Advisory Board to offer regrants to local archival programs and provide funding so that records repositories can engage in self assessments in order to improve their operations.

Friends of California Archives
Sacramento, CA$22,050
To support a two-year project at the California Historical Records Advisory Board to develop curriculum for training archivists about project management and to conduct a survey to identify the needs of the state’s archival repositories.

Colorado State Historical Records Advisory Board
Denver, CO $40,000
To support a one-year project to continue the Board’s regrant program, offer workshops on the basics of archives, increase its outreach efforts, and promote Archives Month.

Idaho State Historical Society
Boise, ID $17,350
To support a one-year project of the Idaho Historical Records Advisory Board to award regrant funding and offer an outreach program aimed at increasing citizen engagement.

State Historical Society of Iowa
Des Moines, IA $7,207
To support a one-year project at the Iowa Historical Records Advisory Board to distribute an Archive Month handout, increase the amount of online technical information available to archival repositories, and offer informational session about the preservation of historical records.

Kansas State Historical Society, Inc.
Topeka, KS $45,000
To support a two-year project at the Kansas Historical Records Advisory Board to initiate a regrant program, provide scholarships for education and training sessions, create and present Archives Month programming and educational materials, and continue its collaboration with the Partners in Kansas History.

Maine Historical Records Advisory Board
Augusta, ME $80,000
To support a two-year project that will address three of the goals of the board’s strategic plan: conducting a statewide survey; provide basic- and intermediate-level workshops; and fund a regrant program that will target records for the state’s celebration of its bicentennial in 2020.

Secretary of the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts
Boston, MA $37,750
To support a 12-month project to continue the Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board’s Roving Archivist program, regrant program, annual forum, and grant-writing and personal digital archiving workshops.

Missouri Office of the Secretary of State
Jefferson City, MO $11,853
To support one-year project at the Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board to offer introductory-level best practices workshops on disaster preparedness and reference services, distribute an informational poster on disaster preparedness best practices, sponsor an oral history workshop, and create a new plan of work for board activities through 2018.

Montana Historical Records Advisory Board
Helena, MT $12,045
To support a one-year project focused on outreach, education, and hands-on assistance. In addition to distributing an Archives Month poster, publishing a newsletter, awarding scholarships for training, and offering a workshop, the board will continue its Traveling Student Archivist Program.

Nevada State Library and Archives
Carson City, NV $11,672
To support one-year project to continue the Nevada Historical Records Advisory Board’s support of National History Day in Nevada, promote Archives Month, offer formal presentations at annual meetings of professional organizations, and distribute brochures and pamphlets for MayDay and Electronic Records Day.

Ohio Historical Society
Columbus, OH $23,361
To support a one-year project to facilitate the implementation of its strategic plan for 2015-2017. The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board will sponsor an awards program, administer a regrant program, and offer a webinar on applying for NHPRC grants.

Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Oklahoma City, OK $80,000
To support a two-year project at the Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board that advances the priorities outlined in the board’s strategic plan. Board activities will include Archives Month activities, training opportunities, regrants for improving online access to records, and preservation planning.

Oregon Secretary of State, Archives Division
Salem, OR $10,000
To support a one-year project to complete a demonstration digitization project, offer workshops related to digital preservation and access, distribute an Archives Month poster, and strengthen its efforts to collaborate with allied historical agencies.

Pennsylvania Heritage Society
Harrisburg, PA $5,004
To support a one-year project to continue several collaborative initiatives in support of the Pennsylvania Historical Records Advisory Board’s efforts to preserve the state’s documentary heritage, including archival training opportunities and a statewide seminar.

South Dakota Department of Education
Pierre, SD $7,932
To support a one-year project to advance the South Dakota Historical Records Advisory Board’s ongoing efforts to increase access to the state’s historical records, encourage education and awareness regarding archival issues, and identify records that are at risk.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Austin, TX $29,595
To support a one-year project during which the Texas Historical Records Advisory Board will sponsor workshops that focus on digital collections and grant writing, identify cooperative tools and resources and explore opportunities for collaboration, and help raise awareness of the importance of archives through outreach programs.

Tennessee State Library and Archives
Nashville, TN $35,874
To support the second year of a two year project at the Tennessee Historical Records Advisory Board to support the efforts of local governments and private repositories to preserve, securely store, and provide access to their historical records; increase digital literacy; and improve records preservation and access by placing an enhanced focus on the digitization of records for online access.

Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board
Salt Lake City, UT $35,000
To support to a one-year project to preserve the state’s historical records through activities that help to increase online access, award regrants, and sponsor a statewide forum on best practices in the digital age.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Madison, WI $24,000
To support a one-year project to address the goals outlined in the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board’s current strategic plan by publishing an online guide to best practices for records storage and awarding training scholarships, and to develop a new plan for the next five years.

Wyoming Department of
State Parks and Cultural Resources
Cheyenne, WY $46,068
To support a two-year project at the Wyoming Historical Records Advisory Board to offer at least four workshops, continue a regrant program, and update the board’s website.

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