Lessons Learned in Emergencies: Not Your Ordinary Disaster Conference

17th Preservation Conference

March 21, 2002

This conference brought together archivists, librarians, and conservators to describe hands-on experience with disaster prevention, recovery, and mitigation.

List of Conference Presentations

Fire Protection In Cultural Institutions by J. Andrew Wilson, Assistant Director for Fire Protection and Safety, Smithsonian Institution. This presentation also included the Fire Safety Self-Inspection Form for Cultural Institutions.
New Techniques for Fire Detection and Suppression by Nick Artim, Director, Fire Safety Network. This presentation is not available as a PDF.
NARA-Sponsored Research in Records Fire Suppression and the Role of Security in Disaster Prevention by Steve Hannestad, Director, Space and Security Management Division, National Archives and Records Administration
Fire Recovery: A Case Studyby Susan Page, Senior Paper Conservator, National Archives and Records Administration
Efficacy of Various Recovery Techniques by Kathy Ludwig, Senior Paper Conservator, National Archives and Records Administration
Objects Recovery, Mitigation by Jerry Podany, Objects Conservator, Getty Museum
Damage Mitigation and Recovery: Magnetic Media by Peter Brothers, CEO, SPECS BROS., LLC.
Recovery of Film by Roger Markham, Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, Eastman Kodak Company