Presentations for 23rd Annual Preservation Conference

25th Annual National Archives Preservation Conference

Conservation2 = Preserving Collections x Our Environment

A link to the lecturer's presentation is provided below their name or names. This is the same order as they appeared in at the conference itself. Not every lecturer has a presentation posted at this time. Please check back occasionally for an updated list. Unless otherwise noted, the presentations are Adobe Acrobat files.PDF icon

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Dr. Michael J. Kurtz, Assistant Archivist, Office of Records Services, NARA, Washington, DC [Retired] and Professor, School of Information Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Why Archives? An Advocate's Role

Dr. Steven P. Hamburg, Chief Scientist
Environmental Defense Fund

Why Preservation needs Conservation2 to Succeed!

Jerry Podany, President of the International Institute for Conservation and Objects Conservator
The Getty Museum

Facing Change: Basing Heritage Conservation on Broader Stewardship Principles

Nancy Bell, Head of Collection Care
The National Archives, UK

Leaders of Change: Strategies for Meeting the Environmental Challenge

James M. Reilly, Director
Image Permanence Institute, RIT

Evidence for Decision-Making in Optimal HVAC Operations

Kristen Overbeck Laise, Vice President, Collections Care Programs
Heritage Preservation

Results of the Heritage Health Index

Laura Word, Senior Program Officer, Division of Preservation and Access
National Endowment for the Humanities

Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections

James R. Druzik, Senior Scientist
Getty Conservation Institute and Naomi J. Miller, Senior Lighting Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Solid-State Lighting for Museums: Conserving Energy, Conserving Art

Dr. Jennifer K. Herrmann, Chemist
Research and Testing Laboratory, NARA

Gleaning Preservation Information:Third Party and NARA Testing Results

Dr. Shin Maekawa, Ph.D. P.E., Senior Scientist
Getty Conservation Institute

Case Studies of Alternative Climate Management for Hot-Humid and Marine Climates

Mark Sprouse, Director
Facilities and Personal Property Management Division, NARA

Moving Towards Sustainable Operations

Suzanne Hargrove, Head of Conservation
Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art Goes Green: The Project Continues

Nancy Lev-Alexander, Head, Preventive Conservation
Library of Congress

Energy Savings Trial in the Library of Congress Adams Building

Peter Herzog, Principal
Herzog/Wheeler and Associates, LLP

Optimizing Systems and Operations

Rob Hummel, Principal
Group 47, LLC, Woodland Hills, CA

An Actual Green, 100-year Solution for Long Term Digital Storage