Comparison of Drying Methods

Our attempt at dehumidification-drying in situ was not successful and confirmed recommendations found in the literature; dehumidification in situ is not a suitable approach for drying wet materials.  Mold grew on a variety of substrates.  These wet samples were eliminated from further comparison, bagged, and discarded.

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Be sure to ask contractors to keep original boxes or labels.  Only one of these 4 boxes contained a label fragment from its original box.  File trace numbers were written on the outside of the box, but no original label information was preserved.

Negotiate box quality if dried records cannot be returned in original boxes.  Vendors returned our items in new boxes of unknown chemical quality that had been covered with pressure sensitive tape and mailing labels.   These boxes were supplied at an additional charge that had not been specified at the outset of the project.  One vendor charged $8 per box, or approximately 7 Euros.    A less expensive transport box is preferred if records are to be transferred upon return to a permanent quality record storage box.

Refer to CaptionSlide 27 Comparison of Drying Methods Kaplan/Ludwig 2003