Comparison of Drying Methods


  1. Dupont Films: see technical data at 
  2. Hygrolog with LC Display available from Rotronic Instrument Corp., 160 E. Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743, USA Phone: 631 427 3898 (Approx. $550)
  3. Delmhorst P-2000 Moisture Meter with 12 inch (30.5 cm) blade electrode available from Delmhorst Instrument Company, 51 Indian Lane East P.O. Box 68 Towaco, NJ 07082 USA Phone: 800 222 0638  (Meter cost $360; 12” Blade Electrode cost $200)
  4. Polyester films can be slowly permeable to moisture over time. Their rates of vapor transmission are dependent on film thickness, and the environmental conditions to which they are exposed.   After 24 hours of immersion, freezing, and thawing, moisture appeared inside shrink-wrap and polyester film.This likely resulted from a disruption in the film’s seal, or a flaw in the film, not moisture permeability.