Audio Guidance: Ensuring Digital Files Will Be Usable in the Future

How Do I Best Ensure That My Digital Files Will Be Usable In The Future?

Audio: Future Usability

Digital Preservation for any type of file includes many components, such as:

  • Choosing a sustainable digital format.
  • Choosing a sustainable storage media.
  • Identifying recordings that you want to preserve.
  • Organizing materials, including tagging, embedding metadata into files, and placing files in structured directories. Naming the directories with dates and events makes them easier to identify in the future.
  • Refreshing the data at regular intervals and storing multiple copies (three is recommended) on different media types, and in different geographical locations if possible. Keeping a copy in the cloud can be part of that strategy, but do not rely solely on the cloud as the only storage solution.
  • Migrating the data from one file format to another as formats markedly improve and/or evolve.
  • Managing the data by utilizing an asset management system that also allows you to easily export content.

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