"Digital Vaults" Online - Press Kit

Washington, DC… 2014 - The National Archives new "Digital Vaults" exhibit delivers an online experience that is unlike any other. With a database of some 1,200 documents, photographs, drawings, maps, and other materials and a keywording system that visually links records, the Digital Vaults enables visitors to customize their exhibit experience and to create posters, movies, and games that can be shared by email. Each record in Digital Vaults is also linked to the National Archives Catalog, so visitors who want to know more can take the first steps toward a research journey into the National Archives.

Digital Vaults is part of a redesigned National Archives Experience web site that provides the inside story of the award-winning Public Vaults exhibition, the changing exhibitions in the Lawrence F. O’Brien gallery, the educational offerings of the Boeing Learning Center, National Archives public programs, information about the National Archives Foundation, and much more.

The site has a special interactive resources section for educators and students. Teachers can get great ideas on lesson plans using reproducible primary sources, find information on teaching activities correlated to National Teaching Standards, and engage in a variety of professional development programs - on-site or online. Students can explore the depth and diversity of the holdings of the National Archives for their own school projects, gear up for National History Day, or even pick up a virtual pen and sign the Declaration of Independence! Read the full press release.

Digital Vaults Screenshots

Refer to Caption Web of Records: A system of tagging every record with subject terms, allows for connections and shows relationships between records. All the records on the screen connect to the record in the center.
Refer to Caption Record Detail: The record detail provides information about the record, a 16x zoom to explore the record, and direct access to the National Archives Catalog entry for the record. Additionally, links are provided that enhance the visit. Links can be to Prologue articles, online exhibits, lesson plans for teachers, government agencies, and even to NARA’s regional archives and Presidential Libraries.
Refer to Caption Create: The visitor can take an active role in the Digital Vaults by creating a Poster, Movie or Pathway Challenge using NARA records. Visitors can save what they’ve created and email their creations to friends and family.
Refer to Caption Collect: In the Digital Vaults, visitors can save favorite NARA records in the Collect section for the next time they visit or to use in the Create section.
Please Note: Additional images for media use are available from the National Archives Public Affairs staff, call 202-357-5300.