Press Release nr96-70
Press Release · Thursday, May 9, 1996

Washington, DC

Press Release
May 9, 1996
The National Archives to Raise Microfilm Prices

Washington, DC. . . The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) announced today a change in its microfilm publication pricing from the current level of $23 per roll, to a new price of $34 per roll, effective May 15, 1996. This is the first price change in six years for this product.

The Microfilm Publication Program increases the availability of primary research sources to scholars, family historians and the general public. Since 1941 the National Archives has microfilmed Federal records of high research interest in order to make them available to researchers, while preserving the originals from deterioration and damage due to handling. Copies of these microfilmed records are sold to institutions and members of the public, making these Federal records accessible to libraries, research centers and individuals. These publications may be used by researchers, free of charge, at NARA facilities nationwide.

In 1995, the National Archives Trust Fund Board authorized Coopers & Lybrand to conduct a study of costs and fees of products sold by the National Archives Trust Fund, and to document and update the methodology to compute those fees. The request for the study was in part due to the fact that the National Archives Trust Fund has experienced operating losses over the past several years. Coopers and Lybrand used an activity-based costing methodology, that takes into account all costs involved in the reproduction of the microfilm and its delivery to the customer. NARA's fee structure can cover those costs by authority of 44USC, Section 2116(C).

A list of microfilm publications can be obtained from the Publications and Distribution Branch of the National Archives, by calling (202) 501-5235 or writing to them at NECD, National Archives, Washington, DC 20408.

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