Press Release
Press Release · Monday, March 17, 1997

Press Release
March 17, 1997
Additional Nixon Papers to Be Opened at the National Archives

Washington, DC . . . On Wednesday, March 26, l997, the National Archives and Records Administration will release additional files from the Nixon Presidential historical materials at its College Park, MD facility located at 8601 Adelphi Road. The material will be available beginning at 9 A.M. in the Central Research Room. (See information below for hours and directions to the facility.)

The bulk of the approximately 37,000 pages of textual material is from the White House Central Files, Subject Files. The materials relate to Federal government agencies including the National Foundation of Arts and Humanities, the National Mediation Board, the National Council on Organized Crime and the President's Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia.

This release also includes 328 documents (2,487 pages) from the White House Special Files and the White House Central Files which were previously withheld from public access. These documents have been reviewed for declassification under the mandatory review provisions of Executive Order 12958 and for release in accordance with the requirements of the Presidential Records and Materials Preservation Act. These materials are from the files of Dwight Chapin, John Ehrlichman, H.R. Haldeman, Egil Krogh and Ronald Ziegler, among others. A number of the documents relate to preparations for President Nixon's trip to China and briefing materials for the President relating to visits by foreign Heads of State.

Since 1986, the National Archives has had 13 openings of Nixon textual materials. To date, approximately six million pages of textual materials, 4,000 videos and 450,000 photographs related to the Nixon Presidency have been released.

The Research Room closes on Monday and Wednesday at 5 P.M.; on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9 P.M.; and on Saturday at 4:45 P.M. Research cards are required. Personal property, i.e. notebooks, briefcases, purses or fountain pens are not allowed in the research room. Lockers are available. Debit cards may be purchased for the photocopying machines.

For additional PRESS information, please contact the National Archives Public Affairs staff at (301) 837-1700 or by e-mail at Visit the National Archives Home Page on the World Wide Web at


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