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Press Release · Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Washington, DC

Press Release
January 31, 2000
Films at the National Archives in February

Washington, DC . . . In February, the National Archives and Records Administration presents special film screenings to celebrate Black History month and the new exhibition "Treasures of Congress."

The screenings will be held in the theater of the National Archives Building, Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets, NW, and in the auditorium the National Archives at College Park, which is located at 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD. All programs are free and open to the public. Free parking is available at the National Archives at College Park. The times and dates may be verified by calling the National Archives public events line at (201) 501-5000. The hearing impaired should call TDD (202) 501-5404 for information.

PLEASE NOTE: The theater at the downtown National Archives Building is equipped with a system that allows the hearing-impaired to use a set of headphones, or neck loop and a small receiver, to enhance the volume of the public address system. Visitors may request these devices in the projection booth.

Washington, DC Events

Tuesday, February 8-Treasures of Congress
Point of Order, released in 1964. In conjunction with the February 9, 2000 symposium on McCarthyism NARA presents Emile De Antonio's acclaimed documentary culled from 188 hours of television kinescopes of the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings. (97 minutes.) Noon. Theater.

Friday, February 11-Black History Month
A Perfect Equality, released in 1992, chronicles the African American community in Columbia, SC, from the beginnings of the city in 1786 to the present. The program addresses the changing perceptions of social and racial equality and the tradition of strategy building between blacks and whites to achieve a peaceful end to segregation. Produced and written by Catherine E. Fleming Bruce. (90 minutes.) Noon. Theater.

Friday, February 18-Black History Month
Held in Trust: The Story of Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper, released in 1998. In conjunction with this month's featured document (see February 1), NARA presents this uplifting story of the first African American graduate from the West Point Military Academy. Based on an original one-man, one-act play, Held in Trust weaves historical narration (by actor Ossie Davis) with dramatic recreations of an elderly Lt. Flipper reminiscing about this life. Produced by KCOS, El Paso. Directed by Laura Tate. (60 minutes.) Noon. Theater.

Thursday, February 24-Black History Month
Daughters of the Dust, released in 1991. This poetic film (the first feature film by an African American woman to receive theatrical release in the U.S.) chronicles one day in 1902 on Sea Island, SC, as a family of Gullah (descendants of slaves who maintain their West African heritage) gather to celebrate their ancestors before some of them leave for the North. Directed by Julie Dash. (114 minutes.) 7 P.M. Theater.

Friday, February 25-Black History Month
Family Across the Sea, released in 1990. This award-winning documentary explores the remarkable connections between the Gullah of the South Carolina/Georgia Sea Islands and the people of West Africa, particularly those of Sierra Leone. Taped in South Carolina and Africa, the program traces this truly unparalleled historical connection and continued relationship dating from the time of slavery. Produced by South Carolina Educational Television. (60 minutes.) Noon. Theater.

College Park, MD Films
(For descriptions of College Park films, see prior listings)

Monday, February 7
A Perfect Equality (90 minutes.) Noon. Auditorium.

Monday, February 14
Held in Trust: The Story of Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper (60 minutes.) Noon. Auditorium.

Tuesday, February 22
Family Across the Sea (60 minutes.) Noon. Auditorium.

Wednesday, February 23
Daughters of the Dust (114 minutes.) 7 P.M. Auditorium.

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