Press Release
Press Release · Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Press Release
April 29, 2003
National Archives Seeks Public Comments On The Requirements Document For The Electronic Records Archives

College Park, MD. . .On Friday, April 18, 2003, the National Archives and Records Administration released a Federal Register Notice seeking public comment on the Draft Requirements Document currently in development that specifies at a high level the capabilities of the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) system. The National Archives seeks comments (to be received by May 23, 2003)on whether the requirements for ERA are complete, comprehensive, consistent, and understandable.

The Electronic Records Archives will be a comprehensive, systematic, and dynamic means for preserving any kind of electronic record, free from dependence on any specific hardware or software. ERA, when operational, will make it easy for National Archives customers to find records they want, and easy for the National Archives to deliver those records in formats suited to customers' needs.

The Draft ERA Requirements Document may be downloaded from the ERA web site at:

The National Archives is a public trust that plays a key role in fostering effective and responsible government through management of the life cycle of records in all three branches of the Federal Government and by making historically valuable records in the National Archives and the Presidential Libraries accessible. These records enable people to inspect for themselves what the government has done, allow officials and agencies to review their actions, and help citizens hold them accountable.

To fulfill its mission, the National Archives needs to respond effectively to the challenge posed by the diversity, complexity, and enormous volume of electronic records being created today and the rapidly changing nature of the systems that are used to create them.

The public request for comment on the Draft Requirements Document is another step in the ERA approach that encourages an early and ongoing open dialogue with potential system stakeholders to continually improve the accuracy and completeness of requirements for the ERA system.

Other user activities conducted thus far include:

  • ERA User Conference, College Park, MD, November 8, 2002 - Attendees provided feedback on the National Archives' plan to preserve, manage, and access electronic records.
  • ERA Dialogue Sessions, Various Locations, February 11-27, 2003 -ERA user stakeholders across the country provided input on desired ERA system capabilities.

For additional information about ERA, please visit the ERA web site at:

For press information, contact the National Archives Public Affairs Staff at 301-837-1700.


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