National Archives Buildings Closed
Press Release · Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Press Release
June 21, 2006

All National Archives Buildings Are Closed

New information will be posted as it becomes available.

For information in coming days about the operational status of all National Archives facilities, please visit our main web page:

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Acting Archivist Ron Hindman has closed all National Archives facilities nationwide.

Notices to Employees

Effective 2:55pm EDT

Only essential personnel outside the DC area should remain at work. NARA employees should continue to check both the VNN and NARA websites for updates.

Effective 1:45pm EDT

Ron Hindman, Acting Archivist of the United States, has made the decision to now dismiss all essential personnel from our facilities in the National Capital Region. Therefore, Archives I, Archives II, the Federal Register, and the Washington National Records Center should, as of now, be closed and all employees should be dismissed.

Effective 12:24pm EDT

Acting Archivist Ron Hindman has ordered:

  • All non-essential personnal at NARA facilities in Washington state, Oregon and California to leave work at this time.

  • All essential personnel in those areas should remain at work and closely monitor

Effective 10:12am EDT

Ron Hindman (Director NPRC and Acting Archivist pending Archivist Weinstein's relocation) has announced that:

  • All non-essential DC-area NARA personnel (at A1, A2 and Suitland) are excused from work at this time.

  • All essential DC-area NARA personnel should remain at work until further notice.

  • All NARA employees should continue to monitor NARA's web site for updates.

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