National Archives Launches -Audio Archives- Series on CD
Press Release · Thursday, June 19, 2008

Press Release
June 19, 2008

National Archives Launches “Audio Archives” Series on CD

Washington, DC…In partnership with Topics Entertainment, the National Archives announces the release of four boxed sets of CDs featuring some of the most memorable, and historically significant archival recordings of the 20th century selected from its vast audio holdings. Containing four CDs each, they reproduce—uncut and unedited—speeches and remarks by U.S. Presidents, inventors, scientists, civic leaders, and explorers, as well as thrilling first-person accounts of dramatic events and periods of the past 85 years.

CD: Events That Changed the World  

Events That Changed the World brings to life some of the greatest discoveries, as well as the most horrific tragedies, that took place during the last century, from the harnessing of electricity and the space race to eyewitness accounts of the Titanic and Hindenburg disasters.

CD: Presidential Moments  

Through famed “fireside chats,” inspirational speeches, and intimate conversations in the Oval Office, Presidential Moments presents the leaders of our country, from Herbert Hoover to Ronald Reagan, in uncensored recordings of their most triumphant moments and turbulent times.

CD: War and Conflict  

War and Conflict contains some of the most exceptional and touching sound recordings from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm, including Presidential addresses to the nation and combat actuality recordings direct from the battlefield.

CD: Civil Rights  

In an intensely emotional collection, Civil Rights brilliantly captures through speeches, inter