First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's Schedules Open on March 19
Press Release · Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and the National Archives will open 11,046 pages of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's White House schedules. These Presidential records will be made available in the Clinton Library research room and to the press on CDs on the day of the opening. These records are now available on the Clinton Library web site.

These schedules are from the First Lady's Staff files of Patti Solis Doyle, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Scheduling for the First Lady. Doyle was responsible for the First Lady's schedule from 1993 to 1998, and then assumed additional responsibilities as Director of Advance for the First Lady throughout the rest of the Clinton Administration. Arranged chronologically, these records document in detail the activities of the First Lady, including meetings, trips, speaking engagements and social activities for the eight years of the Clinton Administration.

This file series includes schedules for 2,888 days. Clinton Library archivists processing these records subsequently determined that schedules for 32 days were not included in this series; however, schedules for 27 of those days have now been located, and will be processed as soon as possible.

Of the 11,046 pages of schedules that are being opened, 4,746 have redactions. The majority of the redactions pertain to the privacy interests of third parties, including their social security numbers, telephone numbers, and home addresses. In addition, schedules for the first 19 days in January 1993, prior to the inauguration of President Clinton and prior to Mrs. Clinton's tenure as First Lady, have been closed in full in accordance with the Presidential Records Act. Researchers will find occasional unusual text formatting and in some cases final schedules as well as "revised final" schedules. Specific dates can be viewed on the CD by selecting view and bookmark on your Adobe toolbar.

9:00 AM CST/10:00 AM EST
Wednesday March 19, 2008

The CDs and a finding aid will be available simultaneously at:


The Clinton Presidential Library is one of 12 Presidential libraries administered by the National Archives. The requirements for review and release of Presidential records are established by the Presidential Records Act of 1978 and Executive Order 13233. This process is very labor-intensive and time-consuming and requires that National Archives staff conduct a page by page, word for word review of all records in order to protect sensitive information such as national security, personal privacy and law enforcement. Following the National Archives review, by law, both the former and the incumbent Presidents or their designated representative must have an opportunity to review all of the records, in order to consider if any of them may be subject to a constitutionally-based privilege.

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For Press information, contact the National Archives Public Affairs staff at 202-357-5300.


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