Academy Award®–Winning Films and Actors Featured in New DVD Boxed Set
Press Release · Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Press Release
November 16, 2011

Academy Award®–Winning Films and Actors Featured in New DVD Boxed Set

Hollywood Goes to War! from the National Archives

Washington, DC…The National Archives announces the release of Hollywood Goes to War!, produced in partnership with TOPICS Entertainment. Featuring 43 films selected by National Archives archivists from its vast motion picture holdings, this boxed set of 18 DVDs contains 24 hours of Academy Award®–winning or nominated documentaries and films in which Hollywood stars appear, narrate, or direct.

Hollywood Goes to War!’s impressive collection includes:

  • Academy Award® Winners, seven films on World War II, integration, and the group called Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). Features actors Peter Ustinov, Paul Newman, and Robert Taylor and directors William Wyler, John Ford, Garson Kanin, and Carol Reed.

  • Big Screen Battles, three films that focus on some of the most powerful moments in World War II. Features actors Lloyd Bridges, Eugene Kern, and Jimmy Stewart and directors William Wyler and John Huston.

  • Air Power, Star Power, a selection of 12 documentaries, reenactments, and training films that take to the skies. Features actors Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Robert Preston, William Holden, Gilbert Roland, Burgess Meredith, Mel Torme, Don Porter, Lloyd Nolan, Arthur Kennedy, Guy Kibbee, Van Heflin, and Alan Ladd.

  • Stars & Stripes, 12 films that highlight the roles of Americans on the home front and American soldiers during war. Features actors Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Lucille Ball, Elisha Cook, Jr., Laurel and Hardy, Clayton Moore, and Dennis the Menace. Directors include Frank Capra and Stuart Heisler.

  • Heroes & Villains, six films that demonstrate the best and the worst traits of the human race. Features Ginger Rogers, Harold Russell, Paul Newman, and Robert Prosky.

  • Freedom on Film, two films on the Korean War, including a rare color film by John Ford, and two on Vietnam. Features Audie Murphy, Jack Webb, and Charlton Heston.

  • Who’s Out There?, a film in which Orson Welles explores the possibilities of life on other planets.

Hollywood Goes to War! sells for the suggested retail price of $54.99.

Other DVDs newly released by the National Archives and TOPICS include:

  • Two “Hollywood Patriots” singles, which highlight films of Ronald Reagan and Clark Gable taken from Hollywood Goes to War!. $5.99 each.

  • Two 18-DVD sets—Aviation Anthology and WWII from the U.S. National Archives—which contain a selection of films culled from our popular aviation and World War II collections. $54.99 each.

Products are available at Costco, Sam’s Club, and other major retailers nationwide, as well as at selected National Archives Museum Shops.

About the National Archives
The National Archives and Records Administration is an independent Federal agency that preserves and shares with the public records that trace the story of our nation, government, and the American people. From the Declaration of Independence to accounts of ordinary Americans, the holdings of the National Archives directly touch the lives of millions of people. The National Archives is a public trust upon which our democracy depends, ensuring access to essential evidence that protects the rights of American citizens, documents the actions of the government, and reveals the evolving national experience.

About TOPICS Entertainment

Founded in 1990, TOPICS is the largest privately owned multimedia publishing company in the United States. TOPICS publishes the number one best-selling software lines Instant Immersion (language learning) and Success (education). In addition to the National Archives, the company partners with quality brands such as National Geographic, PBS, Scholastic, and Kaplan. An active supporter of the environment and education, TOPICS donates 5 percent of profits to a variety of conservation and environmental education organizations. Visit its web site at

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