Prologue Magazine

Appendix B: Returns of Confederate Army Commands, Record Group 109, Entry 65 (Except Post Returns)

Fall 1995, Vol. 27, No. 3 | "Honorable Reports"

By Michael P. Musick


Statistical compilations, various commands, folders 1-2.

Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, folders 3-13.

District and Department of East Tennessee, folders 14-15.

Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, folders 16-21.

Department of North Carolina, folders 22-25.

Department of North Carolina and Virginia, folders 26-27.

Departments of Richmond and Henrico, troops around Richmond, folders 23-29.

Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, folders 30-41.

Trans-Mississippi District and Department, folders 42-43.

District of Arkansas, folders 44-58.

District of Indian Territory, folder 59.

Department of western Virginia, folders 60-61.

Department No. 1 and western Department, folders 62-63.

District and Department of Georgia, folder 64.

Department of Middle and East Florida, folder 65.

District of East Florida, folder 66.

District of Middle Florida, folder 67.

District of West Florida, folder 67.

District of Florida, folder 67.

District and Defenses of Galveston, folder 68.

District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, folder 69.

Army of Texas, folder 70.

Northern Subdistrict of Texas, folder 70.

Central Subdistrict of Texas, folder 70.

Eastern Subdistrict of Texas, folder 71.

Western Subdistrict of Texas, folder 72.

Miscellaneous Texas commands, folder 73,

Army of the West, folders 74-79.

District and Department of the Gulf, folders 80-82.

Central Army of Kentucky, folders 83-84.

Army of Mississippi, folders 85-90.

Army and Department of Tennessee, folders 91-115.

Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee, folders 116-118.

Army and Department of Northern Virginia, folders 119-125.

Acquia District, folder 125.

Valley District, folder 125.

Army of the Potomac, folder 126.

Army of the Northwest, folder 126.

Department of Fredericksburg, folder 127.

Army of the Peninsula, folder 127.

Department of Norfolk, folder 127.

Miscellaneous Lists and Unidentified, folder 128.

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