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Prologue: Winter 1995

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Black Freedwomen after Emancipation: The Texas Experience
James Smallwood

"Wise as a Serpent and Harmless as a Dove": John F. Stevens and American Policy in Manchuria and Siberia, 1918–1924
David Ekbladh

Humanizing Institutional History: Oral History at the EEOC
Sylvia Danovitch


Prologue in Perspective: An Agenda for Change
John W. Carlin

Archivist's Perspective: War in an Age of Wonders: Civil War Arms and Equipment
Michael P. Musick

When Class Is Crucial
Firearms Genealogy: The Impossible Takes Longer
A Widow's Plea—And An Inventory
The Struggles of a Soldier-Inventor: Capt. William Brooke Johns Hidden in Plain Sight: Compiled Service Records as Sources for Confederate Arms and Equipment

Prologue Portfolio: American Originals
Stacey Bredhoff

Genealogy Notes: The Southern Claims Commission: A Source for African-American Roots
Reginald Washington



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