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Prologue: Fall 1997

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Racial Identity and the Case of Captain Michael Healy, USRCS
James M. O`Toole

Alan Turning, Enigma, and the Breaking of German Machine Ciphers in World War II
Lee A. Gladwin

Recovering Representations: U.S. Government Photographers at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
Julie K. Brown

Mae Schnurr: A Woman`s Rise to Prominence
Christine Pfaff


Prologue in Perspective: NARA`s Electronic Access Project
John W. Carlin

Prologue Portfolio: An Expanded View: Panoramic Photographs at the National Archives
Richard E. Schneider
(See more Panoramic Photographs in the Exhibit Hall)

Genealogy Notes: The United States Armed Forces and the Mexican Punitive Expedition, Part 1
Mitchell Yockelson



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