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Prologue: Winter 1998

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The William Newby Case and the Legacy of the Civil War
Stuart McConnell

The Federal Hand in Urban Development: Chicago Harbor before the Civil War
Betsy Mendelsohn

The Black Civil War Soldiers of Illinois: The Story of the Twenty-Ninth U.S. Colored Infantry
Edward A. Miller, Jr.

African American Sailors and the Unvexing of the Mississippi River
Charles C. Brewer

"Ten Firkins of Butter and Other Traitorous Aid": Disloyalty Prosecutions in the Federal Civil Courts, 1861-1866
Kellee L. Blake

Liberty, Conscription, and Delusions of Grandeur: The Sons of Liberty Conspiracy of 1863-1864
Robert Churchill

Out at the Soldiers' Home: Union Veterans and Alcohol at the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
James Marten


Prologue in Perspective: Whatever the War, We're Preserving "Private Ryan's" Records
John W. Carlin

Genealogy Notes:
The Shady Side of the Family Tree: Civil War Union Court-Martial Case Files
Trevor K. Plante



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