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Prologue: Fall 2000

Essays Fall 2000 Prologue cover

Grant, Babcock, and the Whiskey Ring
Timothy Rives

Doing "Good Brave Work": Harriet Tubman's Testimony at Beaufort, South Carolina
Benjamin Guterman

New Light on the Forgotten War
Stanley Sandler


Prologue in Perspective: NARA Documents Yield New Historical Discoveries
John W. Carlin

Archivist's Perspective: Top Secret: Recovering and Breaking the U.S. Army and Army Air Force Order of Battle Codes, 1941 - 1945
Lee A. Gladwin

Prologue Portfolio: New Life for the Charters of Freedom: The Story So Far

Genealogy Notes: By Way of Canada: U.S. Records of Immigration across the U.S.-Canadian Border, 1895 - 1954 (St. Albans Lists)
Marian L. Smith



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