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Fall 2000, Vol. 32, No. 3

Meanings of Type of Organization Codes

Code Code Abbreviation Meaning
Signal Corps
A00SIG COSignal Company
A10SIG CO AIRBORNESignal Company Airborne
A21RADAR M TY FRadar Maintenance Type F
A90ABRN SIG COAirborne Signal Company
B61HV MAINT FAHeavy Maintenance Field Army
B63ORD LM COOrdnance Light Maintenance
B95MED MAINTMedium Maintenance
Chemical Warfare Service
C50CML MORTAR BNChemical Mortar Battalion
Quartermaster Corps
D32QM COQuartermaster Company
Corps of Engineers
E12ENGINEER AVIATION BNEngineer Aviation Battalion
E23, E24ENGINEER COMBAT BNEngineer Combat Battalion
E90AIRBORNE ENGINEER BN Airborne Engineer Battalion
E95ARMORED ENGINEER BNArmored Engineer Battalion
Air Corps
K15BOMB HEAVY (B17, B24)Heavy Bomber (B17, B24)
K16BOMB MEDIUM (B25, B26)Medium Bomber (B25, B26)
K30FIGHTER SESingle-Engine Fighter
K32FIGHTER TETwin-Engine Fighter
S53BOMB HEAVYHeavy Bomber
S55BOMB MEDIUMMedium Bomber
S86FTR GP SESingle-Engine Fighter Group
S90FTR GP TETwin-Engine Fighter Group
T83TR CARRTroop Carrier

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