Prologue Magazine

Branches of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers

Spring 2004, Vol. 36, No. 1


Home Location Date Established
Eastern Branch Togus, ME 1866
Central Branch Dayton, OH 1867
Northwestern Branch Wood, WI 1867
Southern Branch Hampton, VA 1870
Western Branch Leavenworth, KS 1885
Pacific Branch Sawtelle, CA 1888
Marion Branch Marion, IN 1888
Roseburg Branch Roseburg, OR 1894
Danville Branch Danville, IL 1898
Mountain Branch Johnson City, TN 1903
Battle Mountain Sanitarium Hot Springs, SD 1907
Bath Branch Bath, NY 1929
St. Petersburg Home St. Petersburg, FL 1930


Typical Menus at the Branch Homes

State-Run Homes (in 1922)

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