Federal Records Management

NARA Bulletin 2019-01

NARA Bulletin 2019-01

May 9, 2019

TO: Heads of Federal Agencies

SUBJECT: Revoked NARA Bulletins

1.  What is the purpose of this bulletin?

As stated in NARA Bulletin 2016-01, Guidance on NARA Bulletin Expiration Dates, NARA reviews Bulletins on an ongoing basis to ensure the expiration dates reflects the current status of the Bulletin. During the last review, NARA determined that two Bulletins contained outdated content and should be revoked. The purpose of this Bulletin is to revoke two Bulletins that are no longer in effect.

2.  Which NARA Bulletins are no longer in effect?

The following NARA bulletins are no longer in effect:

Bulletin Number and Title Date Issued
2006-03: Availability of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Records Management Profile, version 1.0 December 23, 2005
2006-04: Scheduling Electronic Copies of E-mail and Word Processing Records  July 12, 2006
These bulletins will be labeled as “revoked” and moved to NARA’s past bulletins webpage.


3.  What are NARA bulletins?

NARA bulletins contain guidance about records and information management subjects to help agencies comply with laws and regulations. You can find more information about NARA's records and information management regulations in Chapter XII of Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

4.  How can I get more information about NARA bulletins?

For more information about specific NARA bulletins, contact acps@nara.gov.



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