Federal Records Management

Enterprise-Wide ERM

ATTENTION! This product is no longer current. For the most recent NARA guidance, please visit our Records Management Policy page.


Lead Agency: Environmental Protection Agency

Point of Contact: NARA

Every Federal Department's or Agency's ability to fulfil its mission requires a corps of knowledgeable employees with access to the organization's information. In addition, quality decision making in the federal government is dependent on access to the vast array of its document and records. Without an electronic records management application to aid in organizing, managing and providing access to records, Departments and Agencies will continue to forfeit the benefits of efficient business processes, knowledge sharing, collaborative working and seamless access to information. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) project has made great strides toward the development of ERMS. This issue area will provide the critical information on the infrastructure (hardware, software, business processes) needed to develop and launch an ERMS, building on EPA's experience with its ERMS pilot project.

Enterprise ERM Deliverables

  1. Model criteria for evaluation of CPIC submissions to coordinate acquisition and implementation of ERM system. Issued 6/23/03
  2. Methodology for determining agency-unique requirements not contained in DOD 5015.2 STD. Issued 8/23/04
  3. ERM COTS Evaluation Methodology Guidance. Issued 11/30/05
  4. Guidance for Building an Effective Enterprise-wide Electronic Records Management (ERM) Governance Structure. Issued 12/22/05
  5. Methodology for developing and implementing an ERM proof of concept pilot. Issued 03/31/06.
  6. Lessons learned analysis, with applicability to electronic records management government-wide. Issued 06/27/06.