Federal Records Management

Electronic Information Management Standards

ATTENTION! This product is no longer current. The information listed below is no longer accurate. Please note that this page is available only as a technical and historical reference. For the most recent NARA guidance, please visit our Records Management Policy page.


Lead Agency: Department of Defense

Point of Contact: Harriet Riofrio, Harriet.Riofrio@osd.mil

This issue area will promote the Federal-wide adoption of the DOD 5015.2-STD, based on broad interest and use of the standard. The standard is maintained by DOD and includes features consistent with many of the recommendations received through the Federal Register where draft renditions are published for comment as new versions are developed. OSD and DOD Components' RMAs are mandated to be certified DOD 5015.2-STD compliant. As part of the ERM Initiative, NARA, through NARA Bulletin 2003-03, has recommended that all Federal agencies use the DoD standard and the DoD-certified products as a baseline when selecting an RMA to manage the agency's electronic records.

Electronic Information Management Standards Deliverables

  1. DOD release of DOD 5015.2 STD version 2.0 for DOD mandatory use by 9/30/02
    Completed 8/02
  2. Adoption of DOD 5015.2 STD version 2.0 for civilian agency use by 12/31/02
    Completed 1/15/03
  3. Draft DoD 5015.2 STD version 3 to be available for public review and comment by 9/30/05