Federal Records Management

AC 24. 2023

Date: March 3, 2023

Memorandum to Federal Records Management Contacts: ERA Shutdown Date

NARA’s current ERA system will shut down on Friday, March 24, 2023. We estimate the launch date of the new ERA 2.0 to be in mid-April. During the shutdown period, scheduling and transfer data from ERA will be migrated to ERA 2.0. Any existing schedules or transfer requests within ERA will be migrated to the new system in the same status or an equivalent status. After the launch of ERA 2.0 you will see all of your current open actions on your dashboard. 

Please look for future communication and updates on the upcoming launch of ERA 2.0. Training materials will be available on our webpage a few weeks prior to the launch date. 

Chief Records Officer 
for the U.S. Government