Federal Records Management

AC 27. 2020

AC 27.2020

Date: September 29, 2020

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY RECORDS OFFICERS: Review of Agency Records Schedules Approved Before January 1, 1990

This memo instructs agencies to review all agency-specific schedules approved prior to January 1, 1990 to determine if any items need to be rescheduled per the criteria outlined in 36 CFR §1225.22

In 2020, NARA included a question in the annual Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA) asking agencies if they had specific records schedules in use that included items approved before January 1, 1990. Of the 142 responses to this question, 57% of agencies stated that they were using records schedules that were approved before January 1, 1990. In future RMSAs, we will ask agencies to report on their efforts to review these schedules.

This memo anticipates an update to 36 CFR 1225, which will require Federal agencies to review agency-specific records schedules on a regular periodic cycle.

I appreciate your immediate action regarding this request for your review of your agency-specific records schedules that are 30 years old and older. If you have additional questions or require assistance, please contact your NARA appraisal archivist.

Chief Records Officer 
for the U.S. Government