Federal Records Management

AC 03.2016

October 13, 2015

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: Availability of training related to submission of form NA-1005, Verification for Implementing GRS 6.1

As outlined in RM Communication AC 39.2015, the General Records Schedule (GRS) 6.1, Email Managed under a Capstone Approach, is not authorized for use until an agency receives approval from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) of their form NA-1005, Verification for Implementing GRS 6.1.

The Office of the Chief Records Officer is pleased to announce the availability of training on how to properly complete the form and submit it to NARA for approval. The training is not mandatory, but is recommended for all agencies prior to completing the NA-1005

The training may be found online, NARA Records Management Training Learn Center. It is self-paced, and includes information and exercises to assist agencies with filling out their own form NA-1005. You do not need to login into the learn center. Click the Capstone Training box on the left side of the screen to start the lesson

If you have any questions about GRS 6.1, or the verification form process, please contact the GRS Team at GRS_Team@nara.gov.

Acting Chief Records Officer
for the U.S. Government