Federal Records Management

AC 06.2017

October 13, 2016

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCIES CONTACTS: Pending GRS Schedules and the 12-31-16 Scheduling Deadline

Agencies do not have to submit schedules for unscheduled records that will be covered by a pending GRS. Examples of new pending GRS content include Phased Retirement Program Records (GRS 2.5), Anti-Harassment Records (GRS 2.3) and new Security Program Records (GRS 5.6).

In the  Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18), agencies are instructed to schedule all of their non-electronic, unscheduled records byDecember 31, 2016. The Directive also states that NARA will revise and expand the GRS by December 31, 2017. Given the discrepancy between the two deadlines, agency SAOs and Records Officers should consider any agency records that will be scheduled by a pending GRS as outside the scope of the Directive requirement.

Agencies may get a sense of what GRS are pending from the GRS monthly report. On the  GRS page, look for GRS Monthly Status Reports under Recent News.  For information about specific records series, please contact  GRS_Team@nara.gov.

Laurence Brewer
Chief Records Officer
for the U.S. Government