Federal Records Management

AC 10.2012

February 27, 2012

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: General Records Schedules (GRS) Team Survey

The GRS Team would like to invite Federal records managers to participate in a survey on issues related to projects they are currently undertaking.  Please feel free to forward the link to the survey to anyone in your agency who may be interested in participating. The survey asks for opinions and comments about the current General Records Schedules, use of General Records Schedules in big bucket/function schedules, and questions about agency web and social media records. 

The team is collecting this information in order to better understand issues agencies have with the current GRS, to identify gaps, to get a sense of how many agencies are incorporating GRS items in big bucket/function schedules, and to gather information about web and social media records.  They will use the information collected about issues and gaps in the GRS to formulate a plan for revising the current schedules and identifying new schedules. They are asking about use of GRS items in big bucket/functional schedules to get a sense of training needs for the forthcoming guidance on incorporating GRS items into big bucket schedules.  Finally, information about web and social media records will be used to gauge the scope of records to consider for the new web and social media GRS.

If you have any questions or would like to submit additional comments beyond the survey please e-mail the GRS Team at GRSTeam@nara.gov

To access the survey, please go to http://GRS-Survey.questionpro.com.  The survey will be open until March 16, 2012.

Chief Records Officer for the
U.S. Government