Federal Records Management

AC 14.2018

March 13, 2018

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: Web Browser Data Call for ERA 2.0 System Design

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is planning for the start of system design work in ERA 2.0 to redesign the components of the current ERA system that support records scheduling and the transfer of permanent records. We want to ensure the new system is compatible with the broadest possible range of web browsers in use by agencies.

To give us a sense of the range of web browsers in use, we ask that you respond to these questions:

  1. What browser (including version number) do you use when conducting your agency's business?
  2. What other browsers are available for your use in your agency?
  3. Are you aware of any significant changes coming to the browser(s) you use when conducting your agency's business?

If there is any other information regarding your web browsers you wish to share, that information would be welcome.

Please respond to Sam McClure (sam.mcclure@nara.gov or by phone at 301-837-1958) by March 20, 2018.

Chief Records Officer
for the U.S. Government