Federal Records Management

AC 31.2014

August 26, 2014

DATE UPDATE - MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: The GRS Team in Records Management Services, Office of the Chief Records Officer is happy to announce the impending publication of GRS Transmittal 23. This transmittal will make available five new General Records Schedules:

  • GRS 1.1: General Financial Management Records
  • GRS 1.2: Grant & Cooperative Agreement Records
  • GRS 3.1: General Technology Management Records
  • GRS 3.2: Information System Security Records
  • GRS 4.3: Input Records, Output Records, and Electronic Copies

The transmittal should be issued in early September. The GRS Team will be holding a briefing for agencies on the new transmittal on Thursday, September 11 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern in McGowan Theater at Archives I.

Members of the GRS Team will be available after the meeting until noon for questions. If you are planning to attend the in-person briefing please RSVP to GRS_Team@nara.gov no later than Monday, September 8.

For those unable to attend in person, the GRS Team will also be holding a web version of the briefing on Wednesday, September 17 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Dial-in instructions are provided below

To connect to the web conference: www.connectmeeting.att.com
Toll-free number (to dial-in): 888-331-6674
Meeting access code: 1324110

Please contact GRS_Team@nara.gov with any questions.